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A while ago, I got to know that I used to put myself in one rebel position for people to like me, but now I have some friends with me who are friends with me for the person I am, but still, they never have time. But somehow, I always have time for them when I am eating my food. I’ll still talk to them when I’m working. I still talk to them, but when I need them, they are having the food or working.
Why do I take out time like that? Why? Why should I always put my work aside for them and, like in the note, set it aside for me?
I want to talk to someone. I really just want to talk or be with someone…

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Lost Soul @lostsoul14

That happened with me too. I used to always put friends and family first. I will always be the first one to initiate all the plans, talk to them, etc. Later on, i realised, people have their own priorities. Its because we are not on their priority list. So we have to change the list. Meet new people. Hang with them from whom we are on priority list.


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