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A ton of people around me have PCOD and I’m kinda scared that i have it too but I’m too scared to go get it checked. I have acne but my periods arent irregular. I feel like i should just go get checked you know. Just to be sure.

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Jahnvi Kumar @jahnvikumar

You should totally get it checked. Talk about it with somebody you trust and ask them to accompany you to the doctor. You won’t feel alone and there’s nothing to lose- if you have it (which I hope you don’t), you can get it treated and if you dont, you won’t be worried anymore. Take care. :)

No one 111 @jarul

It is a very simple process and there are no medications for it, just lifestyle changes. You’ll be fine.

Kashika @kashika

PCOD is quite common though, but irregular periods could have a lot of other reasons. Homeopathic medication would really work, and try losing some weight if you are on the heavier side, it is sometimes caused because of excess weight also. Eat healthy, live healthy, and you’ll be just fine!


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