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A Social media presence is just unadulterated brain poison. Trying to be noticed by coming across as mildly interesting is just us building clout. I remember when I was younger and there weren’t enough fandoms to go around so you chose a country and you had to read up on it and become obsessed with it. I was obsessed with Michaelangelo and The many wars between Borromini and bromini, I listened to Vivaldi which is sooooo trash. Only trashy people like Rococo classical, no offence to Tchaikovsky who’s on the verge of it. I drank white wine and used to consume biographies like a worm. That was like micro clout building. I’ve changed but, I too like all human sheep have an Instagram, because we all have the “praise kink” that all narcissistic millennials do. I’d like to believe that by growing up and moving forward a few centuries and being honest about the trash media I like to consume especially the 90’s and the 2000’s, is not for the kink, it’s for simple pleasures. For existing for joy and my personal well being. I don’t write my thoughts for it. I do it to remind myself, and you all that there is more to life than being near perfect. It’s for the sheer pleasure of creating art. And any honest expression of self is nothing short of it.

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you were a cool kid, being obsessed with Michaelangelo and the wars between Borromini and bromini at a young age when all I cared about was what’s gonna be up on Disney channel next lol hahahaha