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A month ago I left my boyfriend who I’ve been with for almost 8 years. It was my choice to leave, but when I did, I found out that he was talking to his ex.
I wanted to leave him for so many reasons before I found out about her, but… now that I know I was easily replaced, my head is completely fucked up. Why didn’t he want me? What did I do wrong? Why does no one love me or care about me?

I moved back home, and now when I cry my own mom ignores me and leaves the room just like he did. Am I expecting people to care about me too much? Is this life? If so, I don’t want it. It hurts too much

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

You need to build yourself as a strong personality! And start loving and caring for you yourself first rather than expecting others to do that for you.
You deserve to be treated well, with love and care which are very important in a relationship. You don’t have to compromise with these important ones.
Feel better and stay happy. Work on your own happiness. Don’t expect anything from anyone.😊


Hey there
We don’t know eachother but have been going through breakup i also ended a 7 year relationship recently and I can tell you that it will hurt and this is just a part of te life to teach us that when we put our energy into wrong places it will hurt us in the end. You my friend have to start believing in yourself and you have to start loving yourself b’coz “No one else will love you if you can’t yourself first”. Fuck everyone and do what makes you happy and built up that confidence back and live your life to the fullest and eventually love and happiness will come your way. Our energy attracts similar energies so stay happy and happiness will come your way. Stay strong and stay positive ❤. It’s not gonna be easy but it’s worth it.


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