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Shashi m patil @shrew

A man is born through a woman and he is raised by a woman. He falls in love with a woman and he marries a woman. And I am surprised about the man who doesn’t respect a woman.

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Shashi m patil @shrew



I don’t think they are called man… 🙄

Shashi m patil @shrew


ambrich @akmeitei

Idk about other men but i was raised to respect all types of persons irrespective of their gender, caste or colour. So thanks to my parents.


Respect is not based on gender , caste , fame or money
It depends on you , the kind of person you are
You can’t expect us to respect you just cause you are women
And bdw it goes vice versa , women k jagah men put kardo and the whole sentence will mean and stand for the same thing

Vipul C @lupiv

One answer - Conditioning. Constant gratification and idolization of things that are outside of comfort zone. Mom loves you, you take it for granted, you were born, have no recollection, pain wasn’t yours - holds nothing. Patriarchal society, (including men & women) do that to a son. And he becomes part of this crowd.

It’s not one thing that turns him they way he is and it will be wrong to judge him under a microscope of few parameters. At the same time, he is not free of scrutiny too. There are many gentle souls out there who are living life with efforts everyday.


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