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Aman @chosenone

A lot of people do not know the true importance of meditation.

Meditation is like lifting weights, but for your awareness.

When you are consistently meditating and becoming more self aware as a result, you will begin to notice your behavioral patterns much easier.

This observation is where the healing process starts, because you cannot heal what you cannot see.

If you have been wondering where to start on your healing journey, start with meditation.

It will open many of the doors necessary for you to connect to your higher self.

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7 replies

How do you meditate?


At times I end up crying while meditating. Is it normal?

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Aman @chosenone

Not normal to all. But that’s a good sign.

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Aman @chosenone

Doesn’t mean you expect it to happen all
The times.


I’m scared of meditating because I can’t clear my mind and I’m trying to be patient but it’s just overwhelming.


How is it a good sign?


You body is responding to subtle energies your intellect can’t understand logically. But it’s shift in you are unaware of.


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