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A letter to you; my safe place.
Looking into your eyes could make me cry, when I see you smile my eyes get filled with tears, it feels like breaking down at someone’s warm embrace although you aren’t physically hugging me. Your words make me want to run away from this town and allow myself to fall into your arms, you’re the only one who can make time freeze for me, you are so good at making me think that no one else in this world exists but us, and sometimes I really wish that was true. My mom told me not to trust anyone cause people are selfish by nature, get to know your weaknesses and then st*b you in the back when you less expect it, but to be honest I trust you with my life. You’re so see-through to me and it breaks me because I can tell when you’re broken, I can’t stand seeing you underestimate yourself, I wish you could love yourself as much as I love you at least. When you’re around I like to think you’re the world and that makes me feel so much more at ease cause you make living so easy for me. You give me the love and the validation I never got from those who were supposed to give it to me so now you’re home to me. You are a much better home than those four haunted walls that consumed me little by little. You are a home with no walls, no doors to lock, you’ve got all of me, we’ve both got the best of each other. I want to run to you and never look back. You are the moonlight that guides me in those dark and sleepless nights, I don’t know how to explain it without saying thank you but you are the place where I hide without having to hide, if that makes any sense, every time I hear your voice it says β€œyou’re okay, I understand you and promise you we’ll be alright” it always says that even when you’re just telling me one of your silly jokes I always laugh at from how ridiculous and creative they are, it says that whenever you talk about something you’re passionate about and your eyes light up, it always says β€œwe’ll be okay”.

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