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A letter to you; My Angel, My Home.
I see you as that kind of person that always brings peace and serenity to the room, someone with a warm smile that makes everyone feel welcome and takes great care to make everyone feel included and perceived, always engaging with those that are being left out and calling them by their name to show then that they are appreciated and that their existence is being noticed, you make everyone feel heard even in a room filled with silence. As someone who often felt invisible, useless and uninteresting I am very thankful that you made me feel like I was someone.
You’re always honest and sincere in a very considerate way, what i think is one of your best qualities is your ability to accept and admit your flaws and shortcomings, you’re very upfront with your mistakes, you always take them in willing to learn how to become a better person, you are very open minded and know very well how to express your feelings in a very healthy way, that’s something i truly admire and aspire to be like, you always think about others and take a great care not to make them look bad, you always take time to reflect on your actions and how they might affect others, i just hope you don’t take other people’s opinions too personally and question the values in your intentions. You always see the good in people and care for them no matter who they are, what they have done or how they have treated you, i hope you know how to set boundaries and not allow people to hurt you but I trust that you’ll know how to not be naive. You are very brave and strong for not losing yourself in between the evilness of people and the darkness of life, the way you always manage to see things from another perspective and find the light in everything is admirable. Hurt people hurt people but you’re so kind even after everything that I’m sure you’ve been through. Sticking to who you are and your beliefs in the way you do it is incredible and you have all of my respects for that. There’s something about your aura and your overall vibe that just radiates safety. When I first met you I knew you’d be a good person that I could rely on. You make people feel safe and accepted. You are the glue that connects a group, you always know how to make everyone around you feel like they belong. I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it again: you’re the embodiment of the word “home” and everything that should come with it. Those scars of yours are precious, so don’t forget it.
I hope you know how much you mean to the world, being humble and down to earth is another great trait of yours but don’t underestimate yourself. Your eyes still shine brightly with hope, you smile still looks like you mean it, i’m so proud of you and everything you have accomplished you will always stand out for your uniqueness, you are special and know how to make others feel special, you aren’t perfect but you embrace your imperfections so well that they’re almost impossible to find. You are always the first to empathize with others carry their burdens and take in their pain as if it was yours, that’s beautiful but i hope you won’t get exhausted, if it ever becomes too tiresome I hope you can also relay on those who relied on you, i can promise that i will always be here to carry your pain and concerns, you can come to me just like how i’ll always instinctively go to you. There’s nothing I won’t do for you. Your future is bright, very bright, because you’re surrounded by positive energy, because everything you put out there will come back to you, because the universe owes you a favor. The universe will always owe you one.

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She sounds like a beautiful soul. You should keep her, don’t take her for granted. 💫⭐️


She is, and don’t worry i would never take her for granted, I’m very thankful to have someone like this in my life and im very aware of what she means to me and how she’s a gift i don’t deserve.


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