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A letter to let feelings out.,
Hi! Biological family…
Mother,maternal uncle, aunt, elder sister, cousins, other aunts and uncles…
I am your biological, right?
How can you do that me?
First mom, i am your own daughter, how can you touch me that way?, how can you molest me?
Uncle, you told you will take care of me like father, right? What happened? What you have done is taking care of me? Will any father will molest her daughter everyday?
Sister, i thought you will take care of me, i thought you will support me but why did you do that? Do you know everytime you do that how it is to me? How much hurt i am?
Other family members, i believed you all are my family that will love and take care of me but you just enjoy me?
Every time i lose concious i can still feel pain and i am exhausted. . .
Do you know every night what you are doing everyday is haunting me…
What’s the diffrence between that past family and you all?
Marks on my body made by you every day are saying me your heart is more paining than me…
The drug impact you gave me everyday i feel dizzy and i lost myself…
It’s ok if it’s me because i am used to face it from ages ago but my brother what did he do to you?
We are born twins but you never allowed us to understand each other…
That day when he came for me, you all did that to him too… You made me see how much he suffered…
He is away now… He used to be my good classmate but you made it gone…
He is in other place now… He suffered because of me too
I can’t face him even when he insisted… He cry for days for speaking with me but every time i listen his voice i remember the moment when he shouted with pain…
I hate you all…
I realized that even if it ended today the marks on me, the meomories by you will still haunt me till i die…
I will not just die… Because i have a life to live… I want to be a great person…

2 replies

More power to you! 🧡

sr @deadoak

Heyy please calm down, you need to be strong and don’t worry we are all here the sad ones so we will support eachother, you can be open, anyway by seeing how strong u are, I’ll say ur cute stay strong


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