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A girl knew that I love her and she and her 3 friends (my school mates) thinking that I am schizophrenic as I used to argue, talk, fight with myself and talking to imaginary people during school recess break. So, she and her friends thinking that it’s easy for them to convince me to marry her. So, she chose the path of prostitute, thinking that in her young age, she will live lustful life and at the end she will marry me (she’s thinking it’s easy to convince me as I am schizophrenic or mad according to her.) but she and her friends (who supported her to chose prostitute) not talking to me as she wants me to be successful so that she can marry me. My question is…okay, I understand that she is taking advantage but what makes her friends/close ones to support her as they are also females and one of her friends belongs to brahmin family. So, what made them so, that instead of telling her this is wrong, why are they supporting her to live her young age to be a prostitute and later anyhow I feel that she will fake promise me that she will be faithful after marriage. Can you tell me in the view point of her friends’ perspective? Her male friend told me multiple times that she is not interested in dating, relationships, bf/gf, etc. She wants to stay away from all this. But later I came to know that the male friend is the one whom she did intercourse with. Her female friend told my parents that her friend is not like today’s generation modern girls but her friend is the one who told her to chose to be a prostitute. And that male friend and this female friend of her are jealous of me in terms of academics.

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