A few days from now we are entering in new decade 2021-2030. In decade in which we would be completing our studies, being settled, getting married, having kids. Some of us loosing our favourite person. We will be facing more and more challenges and responsibilities.
Life will be tougher.
Yeah thia decade gone be the end our childhood.
But 2020 taught me i am more capable then i think.
I am ready for 2021.
Are you?

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Your post is very positive
May this decade be a blessed one for you and your family.
May all your desires come true.
May you find more strength.

Whether we are ready or not
2021 is going to come
No choice but to enter into it…
So just trying to enter with as much hope n positivity as i can keep…

The past decade was a mixed one in every aspect
N the way i had pictured it to be is complete opposite of what it really turned out to be…

So scared to keep too many expectations or hopes…
Will just try going n growing with flow.


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Ayna Syed @ayna

Hell yeh I am!


With a big bang. Will be having my baby. Will spin up my three businesses all together in different dimensions.
Just that I am lagging on fitness front and would be working on health now onwards. With higher hopes and expectations, I am thrilled about 2021.

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

I am ready for 2021.
I am so glad to see how motivated you are. I love how you have acknowledged that life will have ups and downs.
Way to go my! I wish you all the best on your journey!!
May you get all that you desire!!😊

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