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X-PEDIA ! @tesla18

A few days back I met one person on Instagram .
She used to post regarding INFJ(@thwlknpdox).
We talked a lot for half an hour.As our ideas and views matched. But the day after that was so depressing she blocked me.She used to feel that I am here for sharing feelings and all that stuff but i would say no!! I was amazed at that person because she used to share good views and ideas on topics. She also motivated me a lot in a day that would be just a dream for me . I never met such a positive person she used to explain perfectly.I wanna talk with her because she motivates me.That’s what I would say . I don’t have any other feelings towards you but Alas she can’t understand and she blocked me . Hope that
The old days are back. I also tried to understand her but she didn’t .

That’s the reason I’m posting. I hope that she might receive this post even though she is not here on this platform. I would request if anyone could help me out in this situation!

Hoping for the best!

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