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A few days and it’s gonna be a year since we broke up. You’ve already found someone else and I’m still here waiting for you idk what I feel anymore if I love you or I don’t. I never thought I would have to face this I thought I found my forever favorite person but i was wrong I wish things didn’t end this way. Even while writing this I’ve this weird pain in my throat and tummy and my heart aches 💔 looking at our post breakup chats now realizing I literally begged you but clearly I meant nothing to you. All the things you’ve been doing weeks before breakup makes sense now You cheated on me… How you totally changed once we broke up… Was all we had fake? Did it mean nothing to you? I just wanted to love and be loved for once but all i got was pain. Now I repeatedly hurt myself because that’s all I’ve left that’s the only thing that makes me feel connected to you. Wish you could see yourself and love yourself the way I did. Only if you knew how much I loved you and would have gone till any extent for you.

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are they from here



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Who is my best friend and boyfriend

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