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A few days ago I said something to my girlfriend while arguing and it hurted her feelings , she said she needs some time off from me . I apologised a couple of times and yesterday when we were talking she was kind of hinting that she might break up with me and she still needs some time .

I am feeling so bad like I just say stupid shit without thinking, I really miss her and I want her back I messed up , idk what to do, I just want one more chance . I love her so much .

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It’s okay. Give her time but don’t leave her. Assure her time to time that you love her and you’re always there for her when she needs you. But don’t be over clingy if she want some time off.


did u both had fights/arguments a lot lately ? Hinting a break up doesn’t come so easily

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Hependra Singh @happyuzuma...

It will work out never lose hope.


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