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a daily reminder for all because its so sad that we all are so so insecure and how literally everyone has their insecurities and no matter how much you tell someone how beautiful they are inside out, they won’t believe you but that doesnt mean you stop telling them. you tell them till they start to believe you. it just idk makes me sad when I think about all of us, and how insecure we might be even though some are not as open about them. so like if you like something about someone or like someone, its okay to tell them, I guess, (but that may not be valid for all cases ok) but saying something good never hurts and its okay if you dont get the reaction you were hoping for. but if you have something good to say, then say it. it might make someone’s day and they might make someone else’s day too then. its all very mathematical and contagious and like a cycle or a circle kinda thing if you really think about it.

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Ananya @ananya2


I completely agree! We should compliment people more often. Kindness goes a long way

Medini Chopra @medinichopr...




Make it a point to compliment someone every single day!


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