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a 100 bad days make a 100 good stories. if you don’t screw up today, you won’t have any fun stories to tell tomorrow. this might sound absurd to whoever is reading this but i don’t mind screwing up. by screwing up i don’t mean im-all-up-for-playing-around-with-people i mean being spontaneous, wild, free. im 17 right now, with a decent amount of freedom and liberty that was given to me by my parents, im still quite rebellious. but i think that’s what makes life fun. we all tend to overthink and that is completely okay i do that too. but i try not to let it overpower my instinct. trust your gut and believe me your view towards life will change :) be the happy little ray of sunshine you never thought you could be.

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

I love the song 100 bad days! You picked that line from there right?


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