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8 ways in which we struggle with Emotions

We all sometimes struggle with our feelings. Sometimes, anger gets the better of us, loneliness takes a hold of our minds, anxiety creeps in about something. But how exactly do we struggle with out emotions?
Here are some of the common ways in which I have witnessed clients struggle with feelings:

1. Not being able to identify what emotion we are feeling

2. Finding it hard to link an emotion to an experience

3. Inability in Expressing our emotions

4. Suppressing our emotions
(distraction, dissociation, numbing ourself through substances or other experiences)

5. Over intellectualizing our emotional experience

6. Channeling many unpleasant emotions into anger

7. Viewing being emotional as a weakness

8. Not taking responsibility for your emotions (Blaming)

Getting to know ourselves and work on our emotions is a process, but it starts with awareness. The next time you feel like you’re stuck with a feeling, use this checklist to figure out how.

Sometimes the biggest step is in knowing our patterns. Through identifying them, we can start having a healthier relationship with our own mind!

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