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4 days ago my boyfriend broke up with me. We only had a one-year (long-distance) relationship, but he was my first love. I always thought he would be different because his ex cheated on him but apparently that doesn’t change anything (he still cheated on me). He is enjoying his holidays in Amsterdam, probably surrounded by girls, and I’m here and can’t even stop crying and find it really unfair. Worse thing is I can’t stop talking to him. I just can’t resist the temptation and I still have hope it might work out, even if it shouldn’t because he’ll hurt me again. I know it was a stupid idea but we had a lot of plans for our future and now I’m kind of lost. He was my everything.

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Preeti Dahiya @preetidahiy...

These things happen with so many of us. What you should remember is that what matters in the end is YOU, not anybody else.

If he has cheated over you, then it’s his loss. You don’t have to feel bad about it. Life is not simple, difficulties do arise.

Stay strong ✨

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