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3 weeks into my first job…settling in…kinda feels wrong. I am questioning my choices. The organisation, the people everyone is good…the only thing not good is me. My mind keeps telling me that this is not what you wanted. This is not what you should be doing. This opportunity is great for me as it gives me a great start in my career. This is the practical thing to do. But some how I hate it, I just hate each day. I am frustrated and irritated at even the tiniest little thing. I want to give justice to this place, this opportunity but all I could think of is how to just kill time. I hate this feeling. I want to stop thinking about quitting. I want some positivity🙊. Is it something I am doing wrong? Does everyone feels this way in their initial days? Is it just because of the change environment? I just can’t seem to figure it out.

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Okayyy. If you have other things in your mind. Like it’s planned already. That you wanna do something else. Then you can stay in the job make some money and then quit it and be what you want. This is something serious because money matters. And if not keep finding it.

Remember it’s your life. Your choices and your consequences. Live the full of it


hey dont think negative. See give some time to this job of yours. Always while you sleep think u being successful, and if you have something in your mind like your passion your other goals then give it a try too I know it sounds difficult but just want to say dont waste yur precious time bcoz nowadays people want experience and wat if you think about quitting job and following your passion or goal but it doesnt goes well and u waste yr time, u will loose both of your opportunities. See i dont want to demotivate you but i just want u to think practically sply if u r the one karta of yr family then plz think b4 u act, bcoz wat my dad has done with his life he is 50 now but still a failure people say just bcoz of his wrong decisions, just be careful !! :)


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