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25yr female working in an mnc wfh… my team and leads were exploiting my skills and growth as a result I got frustated n disconnected for almost 7 months. I started taking more leaves n my performance dropped… in 20 days they are moving me out of team… till now I am not sure what department will I get after this or how things will be but I desperately want to move out…i hv been trying for new jobs but it will take some time… As of now I keep doing fuck ups at work and get underground like I don’t exists,they keep msging n calling me n I dnt respond. I know asking about work n getting things in this they are not wrong…but Things have spoiled so much that I dnt think it’s worth to put efforts to chnge my image for next 20 days.I wanna do a new start but everyday going through all this gets very difficult…m not able to face or answer them… how do i put calm without guilt n survive these days… is it ok to vanish n give another reason of health and not care because it will not matter after 20 days…but it seems 2 years to me now

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Gelo @shalloman42

Hey. I am sorry to hear all of that. I wish I would know what to say to make you feel better. All I could say, base on what you’ve said you don’t like your job, so hopefully you could find a better job where you can be at your top performance and be content/happy. Who knows, it could be the next job, the next one after that, or 10000 more jobs after that, where you could find a job you like and motivated in doing it. Just keep going, don’t give up.


Thanks for writing and making me feel a little better…

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Gelo @shalloman42

You’re welcome. I know you’ll make it. Just keep your head up high! I believe in ya, even though I’m a stranger, just know that someone believes in ya. You got this! 😁🤘
And best of luck to ya! Godspeed.


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