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Mochi @mochi9boba


Nobody knows that I’m bisexual. Even I didn’t know until recently. I know that if I come out to my family, they are straight up gonna look at me in a different way. And my sister; well she would either tell this to her best friend or say something in front of my parents. I’m afraid to tell my best friend. I don’t know why; because I know she won’t judge me or anything. But I’m afraid to tell her.

It’s just been a little over a week since I came to know that I’m attracted to both men and women. It felt weird at first, you know, like when I saw a girl, I was like if I were I boy, I would definitely date her and something. When I realised that I might be bisexual, surprisingly I took it well. That’s what mattered to me the most. My opinion.

This is the first place where I’ve written about my sexuality. Not even my diary. You are the first person to know about my sexuality.

And something about being a part of LGBTQIA community, I just wanted to say tha I will never introduce myself as - ‘Hey! I’m Mochi! I’m bisexual.’ They aren’t introducing themselves with their stuff neither will I.

With that being said,

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Its not your fault. But you should tell just think one day everyone will no by themself then what u will do so just don’t hide this

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Take your time and come out. The world is going to be amazing to you. ❤🌻 Much love.


Take ur time, absolutely no pressure! U have to feel the urge to share about it first. And then just fo for it. And also remember u dont deserve to be judged for sharing this ok. Love❤


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