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2021 was such a great month I was hanging out with my best friend ever at the group home.
we went to the park , took a selfie in front of a bridge , went to Carl’s junior for root beer floats , Tim hortons for drinks and doughnuts and walked to the bench every night. one night she was arguing with her mom on the home phone about phone problems she was selling her phone on face book market place then she got of the phone staff was trying to help her with her phone problem but she got escalated and started yelling at staff then she called 911. she said she would use anything around her to kill but then I didn’t hear the rest staff told me to go upstairs and lock your door she left with the police to the hospital. the next day I video chatted her she said she was at a Yess shelter and I was gonna buy her things at Walmart to make a gift basket but I even stood up for her because she was my best friend then she posted on her
snap story she was excited to come back. when she came back she was in a small car and waved at me as they were pulling up in the driveway she told them about me and how I was her best friend and they said nice to meet you I said you too when she came back it was like she was a different person. she was not the same person I met who was wild and did what she wanted. she had a one-on staff due to her threatening behavior I felt like the staff was taking over my friendship role just because they were hanging out more and doing things the things me and my best friend use to do together which made me jealous of her. sometimes she wouldn’t talk to me for no reason then eventually talk to me. then I would do the same she would mostly only talk to staff not me. I never told her how I felt about our friendship because I know how she is when she get’s angry. I saw a side of her that no one else saw she was inspirational , funny and beautiful finally the one-on staff would say hi and bye to me she never did that before when were at the mid west festival the one-on staff sat down and told me that she was so glad that will call her Tay tay was my best friend and that Tay tay talked a lot about me. she eventually left the program her caseworker thought it was better for her so she went to her Mom’s until they find her a new group home. she made a crack on the window van and threatened 3 staff before she left I took her to Moxie’s for dinner , Shoppers drug mart for a facial spa ,Carl’s junior for root beer floats and Tim Hortons for drinks and doughnuts. when she left I ran upstairs and cried I did all those things for her because I loved her I cared about her so much that I would put in all this effort but she wasn’t sure how she felt about me yet she kept being with people who would break her heart and I warned her about certain people because I cared about her when she left I was mad and told staff i’m not hungry and I won’t eat when i’m sad I try not to eat but eventually I ate. when she was here sometimes I would feel sad for no reason and just cry then sleep it off even when she wasn’t here until I could talk to my boyfriend.

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you know i lost so many bestfriends. i dont know i should even call them that. but one thing i can tell you is try clearing your misunderstandings. if you feel something is wrong speak for it before its too late. <3

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