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2020 is definitely the worst.
I am at lost for words for days now. I think I am spiraling into sadness again.
I would cry for no reason at all, there is a hallow space in me. That no one else can fill.
I would apologize to everyone else like they had done smething wrong to me.
i am just tired. Tired of this life.
Tired of carrying all this weight. I just dont know what to do.
Consoling words does nothing to me anymore, i feel like floating.
I wanted to scream. I wanted to breathe.
I feel like drowning.

I am lonely.

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Simran @st1199

Everyone is facing something or the other in this pandemic and we too feel that 2020 has been the worst of all. Unless you actually think what it made you learn, patience, uncertainty, family, caring, time to prospect into yourself, discovering new hobbies, learning new things and many others, you will crib about it and never accept the facts infront of you.

We do want our lives to get back to as it used to be and we surely will but it’ll just take time. Everyone has emotions inside them and I too cry for absolutely no reason and that fine. We are human beings after all, right? You certainly can scream at the top of your voice if that calms you down. An alternative to this is - Take a notebook/paper and a pen, scribble it as hard as you can to take out your emotions. It will make you feel better.


hey! thank you for your response.
my location has the longest quarantine implemented maybe this isolation is taking my sanity. i have tried everything - journaling, crafts, drawing, starting a new business but it seems like there is something missing in my life.
there are days that i am okay, there are days that I am not. Just like today

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Simran @st1199

See, even if its quarantined or not, one shouldn’t roam around as its nothing. Yeah, you can meet your friends once that will give you a change. Try VC with family and friends everyday. It will divert your mind.

It shall pass. Patience is the key. We are here for you :)


This too will pass. Hang in there. Type away if it helps.


i understand you… I’ve been going through the same thing so i decided to write alllll my feelings in notes on my phone then after that i realized what im doing is wrong so i started out by cutting toxic people out of my life nd it actually really helped me now i feel like im more focused on me, myself and learned to love my self and surround myself with those that bring me joy i wish this helps and i wish you the best !!! i really just came to this website because i want to try and help people idk if it works this is the first haha any way if you didn’t hear this yet your beautiful and your loved always remember that <3

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