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Andrew @andrew12

2020 I met a girl online(I was 15 years old that time). Let’s name her A. We met through an app(in June) and it turned out that she was older than me. But after few weeks we started dating(in July). Things were going okay but then I found out that she has a Twitter account and she was fucking around(only sarcastically) but I acted on it and I was like no ‘delete your account/posts’ I know it was dumb now I realise it. In October we even fought on this and she decided to put her account off. Then November came, it was my birthday so we were normal but again after fees days after my birthday we fought and I decided to breakup cus I thought my mental peace was at stake.(then I came to know this app called Yubo). So I was just trying Yubo and I met this girl(let’s name her R) there and ofc told her that I had a girl but to me we broke up. But then A texted me saying “let’s not do it” I really loved her and I was like okay fine let’s get back together. After few days in December people were doing this lyrics thingy in chat yk like just texting some music’s lyrics so I was so happy for some reason and I texted R some lyrics. Let’s get to January,2021 now A texted me on 8 January saying that I cheated on her with R and blocked me and tbh I’ve lied so much to A and I regret it now but I know I’m not a cheater. I didn’t cheat on her.
R sent A some of our chats’ ss and I think A got convinced that I cheated. She blocked me off rq. I was devastated I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t sleep that night. Skip to August,2021
I decided to take a trip to clear my mind from A but I thought that I should text A(but when I texted I literally said that you must’ve left me for someone else that’s why you pretended to believe that I cheated)so I texted her few things and literally be a bitch to her then after few weeks ig she texted me that “she’s sorry to cause me stress but she has moved on with her life and she’d appreciate me if I do the same”.
From that day till now(29 November, 2023)

Let’s get on me
I miss her. I miss the shit outta her. I’m so miserable without her I don’t miss miss her it’s just those memories wont leave me alone it’s not that I’m always thinking about her. Deep down in my heart I still believe that she can come back. Idk tbh I kinda wanna text her and start a convo. Ig I miss those memories(like I sent her so many red roses on her birthday, she sent a handwritten letters and knitted an octopus for me and I sent her my hoodie). We ended on a really bad term and I think that a proper respectful talk could be a thing for me. I’m so confused right now I’m dating a girl and it feels like cheating on her but I really love her, but the thought of A is always bugging me. Please help me somebody I’ve been miserable for almost 2 years. I don’t wanna live like this. It feels like I’m low-key depressed.
Thank you

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January 2023 was when I got to spend most of my time with Meredith especially on that month. But I first met her in person and November 14, 2022. But then two months later in January I got the honor to spend time with her only for that month. It was really sad because I didn’t know that my obsessions would be returning since I took, a couple years gap between my high school graduation and my college entrance. I miss her terribly. And now here comes the memories. It is extremely hard. Now I don’t have any contact with her at all. I am blocked from her. 


Would you like to tell what was the age difference? If you’re okay with it?

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Andrew @andrew12

I’m 19 and she’s 19 too rn


I am talking about A

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Gitanjana @gitanjana_paul_choudhury

It’s evident that you’ve been through a complex and emotional journey. It’s important to prioritize your mental well-being and consider seeking professional help to navigate these feelings and experiences. A therapist or counselor can provide valuable support and guidance as you work through your emotions and relationships. Open communication is crucial in your current relationship; discussing your feelings honestly with your current partner may help in building understanding and support. Remember, it’s okay to seek help, and taking steps toward healing is a sign of strength.

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Raza Khan @thegentleguide

My girl left me a year ago, we were supposed to get married.
I cry yes, I’m sad yes, I miss her yes but don’t stop working in your life and on your life.
Things must be done. She may or may not come again but make yourself a man of value so that she realizes what she left behind.
No disrespect to her, she must’ve her own reasons to move on but don’t hope on her


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