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Prachi Sharma @_wizerd_111...


The sound of music calms my restless mind,
Your voice once did the same.
Now that I know what it means to be without you,
I never wanna be close to anyone again.

The mere thought of being so close to someone fills me with humor.
It confuses me whether it’s because I have lost so much that I love my solitude or am I scared to lose someone again.

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Abhishek @consecrate

Learn from past , avoid expectations and live your life happily , you are strong enough to handle yourself, build yourself with kindness and thank God for giving you this beautiful life and you will be blessed , don’t waste in finding

Vishal Gautam @vishal0908

I like your post bro 👍👍

Rishu Gupta @rishu_secrets

Scared to loose someone again


You sacred that people will stay or not

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lover boy.. ❤ @yv6v6g6v6



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