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18 oct,2020
At morning my mom to my room she ask what you are doing?I said nothing I told her your
sister text me and she said I give you her message,she said pray for me please my child is not looking is incomplete{she is pregnent}.Than she come to my room hug me.I was not happy because she was talking with my becoming husband.she hide message from me and she go under her blanket.I were not happy by her behaviour but she was laughing.I do not know why she doing all of that.why he contacting me they both are happy in their life.if not than why they not clear me anything.why they make secreat everything while I told them I am happy in your wishes.But they hide everything from me.They not telling me anything.everything strange for me because he call me And told me he want to be with me.He want to spend his life with me.He talk with me in a a way he want me ,He like me but my mom talk with him secreatly.she hide everything from me.what is going on…if she doing that it is mean he showing his interest in her.if not than why she continously doing inaproprate activities it is very very disturnbing me.May Allah keep me safe from evils Ameen

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I hope everything get better


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