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Lia @leelia

16 lessons i have learnt:
1- unterstanding other people and the reasons behind their actions or ways of thinking, understanding where they come from is really important in order to learn to not take things personally
2- effort isn’t always something that’s seen or a physical acttion, trying to try it’s still trying.
3- you REALLY need to get ride of your pride, it’s one of your worst enemy and the one that hurts you more
4- there’s no worst enemy than yourself
5- someone has the right to think they’re right unless you prove them wrong
6- you don’t have to live for anyone but yourself, who you are does not put you in a debt with anyone, you are not living to please others + you don’t have to take everything that’s given to you and that does not make you ungreatful it’s just that you get to chose what you want.
7- Don’t share anything about yourself if you are not confident in it, it will only make you feel worst, you need to accept it before putting yourself out there if you haven’t done that even if other’s do it will make you feel horrible bc you just weren’t ready yet.
8- If you really don’t know what to do just don’t do anything at all, you don’t have to run without knowing where you are headed
9-making mistakes does not make you a mistake, disappointing someone does not make you a disappointment.
10- please take your hands out of what you can’t control, you’re just making it worst and you’ll regret the time you lost on something usless when you could’ve enjoyed it instead.
11- your happiness is never something you have to apologize for.
12- stop waiting for someone to come and save you, only you can really safe yourself if you want to stay safe, bc people go but you’ll always have you.
13- don’t talk about what you unknown, it does more bad than good.
14- a wound will never stop bl**ding untill you pull out the thorn(stop running away from your problems, supressing your feelings, looking for distractions etc…)
15- the habit of apologizing for everything even when you’ve done nothing wrong, even for your own existance is the worst habit.
16- stop begging people who want to leave to stay, stop giving if all they do is take, just have some dignity, know your place and let them know theirs. It’s better to be alone than holding onto people who are not woth it.

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495

That is some nice things that we need to remember thanks for these precious lessons 😊😊


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