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Sammy @786blackswan


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1h ago

Feels very bad everyday when you are in relationship since 6 years but still lonely. Can’t get out bcz of high level emotional attachment and feelings ,even person didn’t want to make me leave everything.
I know my partner loves me but not that much how I love him…we used to talk alot, laugh, chats but now everything has been very occasionally or can say physical intimacy only.
I feel that was the biggest mistake to say yes to him but atlast truth is also there…he is person who is the reason my happiness. No one else can make me happy this much.
I don’t know what is the situation I am having now…my mind doesn’t feel good I am upset, end up with tears…i am just hurt and starving for his attention, love, care

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Yash Sharma @yashsharma7

If you love him and even he loves you and still you feel lonely then i think you should try some activities together or watch a movie together, do some yoga course together and increase your activities together

Sammy @786blackswan

Sometimes I thought it should be ended up
May be then he might know my worth.
But I know his nature he won’t miss me like hell cz he says do what you want to do if I am happy he will be happy.


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