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It’s today i realised I was looking at the wrong place to find myself. I was looking among other humans to find what was inside me but it’s today I found myself looking inwards towards my thoughts, actions and beliefs.

Humans are set apart from wild animals cause humans feel hurt, guilt and emptiness. When a being transcends from these beliefs,he then becomes a MONSTER.

We have heard about monsters in folk lores and stories about how humans turn into vampires and werewolves but now when I think about it it’s pretty simple, it’s not like they grow wings and claws, it’s more about how their mind now has the power to fly past needless human emotions and how their claws can strike down every human logic of a sane mind.

Guess MONSTERS really do exist.

This concept of monsters I feel is not by reading about criminals and seriel killers but it’s the result of accepting what’s inside me .

You could call me a maniac,a psychopath or you might as well consider me A MONSTER. I no longer feel guilty, pity or sorrow and the world is filled with people like me but only a few can accept the monster they have become.

I lost my humanity or it’s more appropriate to say I tore down the walls of guilt, pity and love with the claws I found within.

I graciously accept what I have become


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Monster why?

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