Uncertainty of the Youth's Future

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Riya Mathur

06 April 2020

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Uncertainty of the Youth's Future

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How career planning has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, there have been a lot of things that have been uncertain.

One of the most prevalent one being our mental health!

The spread of this virus has caused everyone to quarantine themselves and stay at home.

Companies have stopped or postponed their recruitment drive. Leading institutions and companies are considering putting a complete halt on student internships, amid the lockdown forced in several parts of the country by the spread of COVID-19.

A delay in internships may have an adverse impact on student placements since most firms offer students full-time positions based on the internships.

This, in turn, is having a deep impact on the students’ mental health, them being worried about their situation and uncertain about their futures.

When we talk about its implications on mental health, students have been depressed, anxious and distressed as to what their future may be once this pandemic is over.

Some of the effects that coronavirus has had on the job front for these students are:

1) Training

Job training of internees has been affected. The internship duration being interrupted midway and their internship being canceled in the middle due to the outbreak has caused a diverse effect on their careers. Internships being a major aspect of jobs are essential and required for these students. Not being assured that they will get to even apply for them leaves them in great misery.

2) Research

Research & other studies wherein physical interviews or on the spot analysis & live study on live samples would not be possible.

3) Commuting

Commuting to places of work, especially where visits to several venues are involved is not feasible. Most students would be worried about whether to take up these opportunities right after the outbreak since the cleanliness of the place and their health will be an important aspect that is to be kept in mind!

4) Interaction

Interacting with peers/colleagues/seniors/subordinates, all of which affects personal & professional growth adversely is affected at a large scale. Social interaction, which fosters, healthy personal & professional bonding is not feasible. Most companies and organisations have put a hold on their hiring processes that were to take place in June/July have now been postponed to as late as October and November. This makes the students question the certainty of their jobs and future, of whether they’ll get one and if they do, how safe would it be for them to take it up.

5) Future projects

With current projects getting postponed, projects planned for much later require shelving due to lack of resources, workspace, and infrastructure.

6) Exposure

Acquiring a certain kind of skill set for a specific job will not be wholly achievable. Exposure through various interactions and internships before getting into a permanent job.

At this point, most students are unsure of how they are going to achieve the same!

All these effects of Coronavirus lead to:

  • Uncertainty in career planning.

  • Feeling of isolation due to lack of interaction & normal daily routine.

  • Jobs requiring fieldwork for tangible results, leave the students frustrated & dissatisfied.

  • Postponement of examinations & their results, adversely affects time-bound growth, adding to the stress, in turn, leading to a feeling of dissatisfaction.

  • Incomplete knowledge as theory & practical suspects cannot be linked in the minds of the students.

How to cope:

  • Videoconferencing regularly. This will ensure a sense of normalcy, give great exposure and maintain the daily aspect of work.

  • Closed user groups (CUGs), to share knowledge by lateral communication & gaining expertise through each other's experiences.

  • Computer-based training (CBT) packages, to simulate & replace live situations to cater for lack of fieldwork.

  • Change in training curriculum to adapt and cater to the changing environment, providing a sense of assurance to the students.

  • Online psychological counseling to cater for stress and other adverse effects on mental health. It is in times like these that it is extremely important and necessary for one to reach out for professional help at the right time. There are various helpline numbers and numbers of psychologists available on our website that can provide one with the necessary assistance.

  • Pep talks & motivational lectures, sharing of other experiences of people who have emerged triumphant & successful from similar adverse situations.

  • Hiring based on web interviews making it an easier way of communication for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

  • Online testing and tuitions. This also helps students in establishing their skillset and staying up to date. They can also enroll themselves for online courses that may give them good skills, a certificate and a great exposure for their future ventures.

  • Comprehensive online survey tools to be developed to replace field tests and reports.

Working on these aspects during this current situation will make things better for every individual and give them a sense of understanding as to where they are headed.

It does get tremendously difficult to cope in such situations and to be unsure of what you may do with your future is something that adds to it. All of this in turn only tends to affect your mental health and leave you in an unstable state.

When something like this happens, it is important for us to work on ourselves with all the resources that are made available to us in the time being.

To be working on ourselves whether home or not, is a constant process. We need to constantly remind ourselves that things will get better and we are not alone in this, just like us, there are millions of students out there who’s future is put at pause and everything seems uncertain.

We need to work at improving our skillset in this time being and ensuring our mental health doesn’t deteriorate. When we feel that our emotions are getting too overbearing and the situation around us makes us feel overwhelmed, it is important to identify the same time and reaching out for help.

Knowing that you are never alone in this is something that will always help and keeping faith in ourselves is our utmost importance during this time!

Do you want to take up a challenge to get to know yourself better in these tough times? Did you say Yes? Then, here are some questions to help you get started!

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