25 Ways to Spread Kindness: How can It Change the World?


17 October 2020

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25 Ways to Spread Kindness: How can It Change the World?

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Is your small act of kindness enough to change the world? This question used to rattle me before but not anymore.

When I was a kid, Baba used to tell me that both Satan and God live in our souls, who are in a constant battle with each other. It’s us who decide whether we want the goodness to prevail, or reside by the side of evil.

I wish it was like that, but the truth is that there’s plenty of grey in human hearts. Human emotions are the funniest paradox of nature. Some days, our emotions are like pink skies, and on others, thundering clouds.

I do not intend to emphasize that any kind of negative emotion is a crime. We’re humans and we’ll be angry, jealous, anxious, and judgmental and the like, but while we explore and experience our negative emotions, we forget one tiny emotion which frees us from our demons: kindness.

Kindness is a religion, and I wish I could propagate it fairly and the world would have been a better place to live in. In a world where every millisecond, somebody is a victim of the demons inside us, an individual cannot suddenly come up with a magic wand and make a change. Even a little act of kindness can change the world. It’s a gradual and a group process, but together we can make a change.

Here are 25 Ways by which you can change the world through spreading kindness:

Spread Smiles!

Drape yourself in positivity and smiles someday, and when you’ll make it a habit to stick your smile on your lips, you will feel a splurge in the level of your energy. Second law of motion was indeed correct. Throw some smiles in the air, and you’ll definitely receive them back in the future.

Free Ears

It’s funny how in a population of billions, sometimes, we find ourselves alone. The next time you see a kid sobbing on a park bench, an oldie staring at nullity in silence, or a millennial troubled enough to doubt his/her existence, tell them you’re here to listen. Offer them your ears.

Sometimes, the most complicated problems of our lives find a way to their solutions, if we have the right set of people around us. It might feel like a 20-minute sob story to you, but for the one who is suffering, you might be helping them to unload some excess baggage. So, just listen.

No Judgments, Please!

Our stereotypical minds observe less, but they assume more. We’re so accustomed to over-analyzing every move of the people around us that we somehow forget that we’re puking our toxicity on their easy-going life.

The moment we start accepting and acknowledging the fact that the choices in life which are right for us might not fit the other one; we’ll probably give a soul the freedom to make choices free from guilt.

Offer Help!

Have you ever helped that peon when he juggles with hundreds of files, or when he cannot operate the computer, or helped a baby to ring that bell, or took the groceries of the neighbourhood aunty upstairs? Offering a helping hand is an example of being more kind to self than others.

Try extending your hand to your co-workers, kids and sometimes, even strangers. When you are the reason because of whom somebody climbed two more steps on the ladder, that feeling is beyond words. These actions are enough to change the world through kindness, little by little.

Those 3 Golden Words!

When was the first time when we were taught these words? Prep-school, maybe? But the real question is how truly we’ve been using these words? We are so lost in our busy lives, ungrateful hearts, and petty egos, that we forget what being grateful means. A moment of kindness can make somebody’s day, so try saying these words more often? Surely, this can make the world better off.

Compliment and Motivate!

Praising someone or something may come out of our hearts spontaneously, but when you compliment a person, you give them a reason to stick to their craft or work, even on their down days. The moment you see that person falling off the cliff, remind them how beautifully they’ve climbed and how far they can go, and then they will remember your words for life.

Support a Cause

The world has so much to offer, yet it expects so little. The globe has more issues than people, and if you can contribute a bit of your life to defeat social evil, there could be nothing better than that. Volunteer and donate for social causes, and make your bit of effort to make this world a beautiful place free from brutality. What is small for you might be just the act of kindness that is enough to change the world.

Goodbye to Complaints

It's a human tendency to see the glass half empty when it is half full. Complaints are natural, and there’s no harm in complaining till it harms others. Try being a little sensitive to the people who serve you and your relationships by letting go of unnecessary complaints, and you’ll give and receive only positivity.

Express a Little More

Emotions are beyond expression, but sometimes it becomes important to express the way you feel, not for yourself but for the sake of being kind to others. Tell your loved ones how special they’re to you and how grateful you’re to them. Express your heart out when they’ve been by your side on tough days and you just made their day.

Give your Time

Time is the biggest asset that we have, and if we invest time in people who love and care for us, we’re surely giving them a priceless gift. Spend time with your parents, grandparents, friends, kids and everyone who’s there to walk the extra mile for you.

Compromise, Sometimes?

It’s completely fine to have an opinion or choice and fight for it. However, when holding on to something tightly is doing nothing, but increasing negativity and tussles, then it is better to step back.

Listen to your subordinate if their idea sounds better. Give up that parking spot. Give that chocolate to your sibling. Visit that relative with your parents. If it brings peace with no harm, compromising isn’t that bad a choice.

Don’t Shred your Negativity on Others

Sometimes, we don’t even realize when we’re shredding our negativity and demons on others. Control your anger and your problems when you’re talking to others. We never know in what ways our one sour remark can affect others.

Forgiveness is Also Kindness

If you’ve been hurt by someone, it is difficult to forgive them when they beg your forgiveness. However, something which is more difficult is to forgive someone who didn’t even bother to apologize.

In both cases, if you've been holding on to the baggage for too long, you’re being hard on them and yourself too. Forgiveness is the kindest expression, and it only makes you feel better.

Promises aren’t Made to be Broken

When you make a promise to someone, you just made them invest their belief in you with zero doubt. However, when you don’t keep it, you break somebody’s air bubble and somehow, push them into believing that maybe trust is a delicate thing and we shouldn’t be investing in everybody. Try and realize the impact of your little promise on someone’s heart and you’ll never hurt them.

Build Relationships with Trust

Trust is the foundation of every relationship, be it professional or personal. Win the trust of the people who matter for you, and give them trust in return as well. When there’s no trust, there would be doubts, fights, and misunderstandings, but when you build everything with trust, nothing can cause the damage.

Be kind to those you don’t like

You’re not supposed to like everyone and everybody, and you don’t even have to. However, the least you can do is be kind towards them even though their ways don’t match yours. It is natural to not like people whose paths don’t align with ours, but that doesn’t mean you’ve to be brutal to them. In fact, if they’re not your kind of people, and you are still spreading kindness that surely makes you stand out.

Stand up for Others

When you see someone being a victim of an assault, or bullying, or any kind of unfair deed, take a stand for them. Take a stand for what’s true and fair. Don’t let the filthy giants take away the little humanity that’s left on Earth.

Encourage Others to Dream

If you see someone developing a brilliant idea, give them a push. If somebody is willing to take a risk worth taking, encourage them to do so. Give wings to the dreams of people who are close to you. It’s a little gesture on our part, but your kind nudge for them could mean a gift of a lifetime.

Be Kind to Your Subordinates

Do not value humans on the basis of their work profiles. Whether they’re your house help or Miss World, they deserve equal respect from your side. Discriminating interpersonal relationships on the basis of ranks or work relations can immensely affect your bond. Value humans, not their job ranks.

Let Nature Breathe

If you’d ask me to name a being with the strongest emotional endurance, I’d name ‘Mother Nature’. We, as humans, have been so hard on her that we forget that if she would stop being kind, she can wipe our existence in the moments of seconds.

Mother Nature teaches us that how you can give everything of yours to the others, receive harm at times, and still be kind. When we’re talking about spreading kindness, I think we need to reciprocate it back to her as well.

Some Kindness for Yourself

Whether it’s your relationships or your professional life, don’t be too hard on yourself if you lose. Don’t blame yourself for things that you cannot control. Prioritize yourself. Don’t be unreasonable to yourself. Preserve some kindness for yourself too.

Spread Love

Love and kindness are two halves of one soul. They’re connected beautifully and we cannot separate one from the other. Where love leads, kindness follows and vice versa. Spread love, and while you do so, don’t forget to love yourself.

Kindness and Mental Health

Understand that mental health isn’t a joke. If you see someone suffering from a mental disorder, try to be sensitive to their vulnerability and problems. When a person is suffering physically, we try our best to help them and we need to do the same if they’re suffering mentally.

Listen and Help Strangers

Sometimes, the people in our little world cannot help us with our trauma, but strangers can. Listen to a stranger if you think they need a shoulder to cry on. Guide and advise them, if the need arises.

Now&Me allows you to connect with people, help them and seek help without worrying about the judgments. Help that one person who you feel needs an ear the most, and Now&Me will be your safe ride in this journey of helping and seeking help.

Spread the Word to Spread Kindness

Last but not the least, spread kindness by sharing this list and also implementing it in your life. Your little acts of kindness can go a long way.

Written by Jigyasa Edited by Batool Kamry Illustration by Annanya Chaturvedi

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