Tips For Efficient Work From Home - Unlearning The Older Methods

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Namrata Roy

07 October 2021

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Meeting your boss in his/her cabin might seem like a distant past but the same on your smart screen through Zoom or Google Meets must have become comfortable and easy.

Almost everyone is working from home and remote working options are likely to become a thing of the future.

Unlearning older methods, working professionals need technology now more than ever. Companies constantly try to maintain a timely and smooth flow of work. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many online platforms have started in the market, giving all kinds of choices for employees and employers.

It is not a cakewalk for everyone to be efficient during work from home as home is a place with infinite possibilities for something to happen. There might be network issues, children might want you to play with them, a family member might upset you, a gathering might tempt you, and a lot more can happen.

Work from home is not a difficult or stressful one because all it takes is to keep your cool, concentrate on work, and make sure you plan everything. Though it is not as simple as it sounds while reading, it can still be made better and effective.

Zoom, Google Meets, and More

There are many platforms like Zoom and Google Meets to make the not-in-office meetings more realistic and comfortable. There have been a lot of changes to these applications for the last few months. As Zoom supports more than 100 users at a time while the upper limit goes to 500 with add-on option, Google Meets recently updated its features. It now supports 100 upper limit that is double to its previous number. Noise cancellation feature, no-glitch screen sharing, and more came into the picture.

Technology is not rocket science and using it is not impossible. It is not supposed to make you feel restricted to the four walls of your isolated room. There is nothing that can’t be learned and Google tells you how.

Tips to manage time

  • A lot of work from home professionals do their work all week long without a break, but why? Don’t keep working for 7 days, instead, do your thing as you do in the office. Separate your work, from home, so that you get to be with family or stay calm during weekends.

  • This will give you more time for your other-than-office life. Your work output will be efficient and productive if you stick to the proper timetable of your week.

  • Don’t slouch in your chair or sofa. This will take away more time from your working time. You become slower with every passing minute. So, get up, do some stretches, and keep moving now and then. You will be surprised how fast you are done with your work.

  • If you have a habit of maintaining a planner, it can help you in avoiding mood swings. Decorating it and being creative with it will definitely keep your spirits up.

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Tips for healthy work-life

  • It must be tiring to have a shoulder cramp while typing an important document or a back pain while in an important conference. Just do one thing, EXERCISE!

  • 15-20 minutes a day is the least one could give for better health. It relaxes both body and mind. You can kiss goodbye to all the uneasy aches.

  • Meals are very important in one’s lifestyle. Have healthy meals and have a better day. It is not necessary to go on a drastic diet, just not having too much junk suffices too.

  • Many people like to keep munching on something while working, whatever it may be. So, stay conscious of what you are consuming. Keep nuts, berries, cookies, and other healthy alternatives to eat instead of burgers, fries, drinks, and other junk.

Tips for better mind space

  • Work can be often stressful and you might not be able to find your way out of it, especially during the lockdown. So, remember what you love and try to do something that makes you happy.

  • Try cooking with your family, play with kids, read some happy books, clean and organize your office room if you have one, sit in the balcony, have a nice talk with someone, do anything, but try to stay calm and out of stress.

  • There must have been many talents for all the working people when they were in school, but gradually most of them vanish. So, think of what you did when you were in school and try to redo it this time, which can be the best stress-buster.

  • Many multinational companies have started therapies and counseling programs for their employees in Indian branches. It can be really helpful and easy to talk to them if you want to. It is always an option but ultimately a choice only if you are ready.

Tips for better productivity

  • It is a proven fact that surroundings have a direct impact on productivity. Try to have your separate workspace if possible, or at least a separate room so that you and your family don’t get entangled in work-life balance.

  • If you think you need to relax for a few minutes by yourself, you can take a small power nap or listen to some soulful music. After such breaks, you can work with more energy and enthusiasm.

  • Your sitting posture can affect your work output too. Try to sit straight in your chair and refrain from relaxing and lying on the bed with your devices. This minimizes lethargy and keeps you active during your work hours.

  • You can put a calming poster in your room, make it aesthetic, spray a nice favorite fragrance, and do a lot more with your creativity for some personal top-up productivity.

  • Sleep is the most important thing for any kind of work. Without enough sleep, no one can work normally. What many people don’t know is sleeping too much can reduce your productivity too.

  • Sleeping for more than 10 or 11 hours makes you lazy and sleep dominates your next 24 to 34 hours. This affects your work for two days. So, have a healthy and productive sleep schedule.

Edited by Annanya Chaturvedi

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