9 Times People Got Real About Their Loneliness On Now&Me

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Siffat Kaur Arora

22 May 2023

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An empty mind is known to be a devil’s place, but ever wondered what an empty heart might do to you? A lonely heart seldom takes you to places you haven’t been before, feelings you have never experienced, and things you might not have said before. We all go through our own phases of feeling a bit odd when we feel disconnected from the people around us, and sometimes we are our own superhero!

Being an extremely complex emotion, loneliness might make you feel a little more vulnerable than often, but you don’t have to worry; Now&Me has your back. Here are a few posts that hit us right there, and we hope they make you realise that even in these feelings of loneliness, you are not alone:

1. We wish we could tell you that you’re no less than an asset :)

loneliness thought 1

2. “Current mood? We wish we could hug you and let you feel free!”

loneliness thought 2

3. One love is all we need!

loneliness thought 3

4. …sometimes all the beauty in the world is not enough for you

loneliness thought 4

5. We are all ears to you, always.

loneliness thought 5

6. There’s only so much you can keep inside you.

loneliness thought 6

7. When I tell you that I am okay, ask me if I really am!

loneliness thought 7

8. I love to be loved, but maybe it’s never enough.

loneliness thought 8

9. And we are glad that you stopped by <3

loneliness thought 9

All of these heartfelt posts at Now&Me really kept us thinking about how loneliness can affect each and every sphere of our life, forcing us to think otherwise, even in the simplest of situations.

Loneliness and Mental Health

While standard definitions of loneliness describe it as a state of solitude or being alone, loneliness is actually a state of mind. Loneliness causes people to feel empty, alone, and unwanted. The very feeling can severely impact the way you feel about yourself as well as others, which can ultimately lead to a point where it gets challenging to form relations despite craving for a healthy bond.

Not only does it impact one’s mental well being, but a prolonged feeling of loneliness can also eventually lead to the development of some other illnesses, namely Alzheimer's disease progression, cardiovascular disease and stroke, depression out of many.

Hence, the feeling of loneliness is not really known to serve any good to anybody, which is why it is of utmost importance to be able to overcome such emotions and lead a balanced life.

We are all sailing in the same boat!

If you think that people around you are always as they showcase themselves to be, then you might be living in a bubble while ignoring the possibility of being able to share your feelings of loneliness with others. Human life is marked with ups and downs, which is why it is extremely natural for one to feel aloof at times. The degree of this emotion may vary from person to person, as a result of which there is a stark difference in the way one may choose to express this emotion. Hence, understanding the depth of what one may be trying to convey to you when they bail out on you unnecessarily or understanding the very complexities behind the infamous, 'I'm okay' is extremely important to let people know that you're there for them, in all your capacities.

We can't wait to see you join our community and find the right people who can help you think of the world as a much better place than you might think of it!

How Can Now&Me help?

Now&Me provides a safe and supportive platform to connect with experienced mental health and self care professionals who can offer you guidance and support.

Our peer community is welcoming, non-judgmental, and inclusive, creating a warm and supportive environment to share your thoughts and feelings.

You can interact with like-minded peers or seek guidance from experienced experts like therapists and life coaches, instantly. What are you waiting for? Download for FREE!


Things would have been so different if we had known the time when such a feeling would hit us. I am sure we all must have been ready with everything we have got to fight this phase, but unfortunately, there is no definite time or a place for a person to feel lonely. You can be in a room full of your favourite people in the entire world, and find yourself sitting in a corner thinking why they don’t love you the way you want to be loved. Loneliness finds you when you least expect it. Not to forget that there may be a few triggers for people to instantly start thinking as to why they’re in a particular phase of their life.

As bad as it may be, loneliness alone doesn’t hold the potential to be able to cause mental health illnesses on its own. It is very well known to be an underlying factor of conditions like depression and anxiety. It can also be a symptom/sign of a mental health condition; hence one shouldn’t ignore or, for that matter, deny what they may be feeling at a given moment of time.

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