The Different Experiences of Therapy: By Our Community at Now&Me

Sahar Malik

14 April 2022

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The Different Experiences of Therapy: By Our Community at Now&Me

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”Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.” - Victor Hugo

I remember sitting in my room on multiple occasions, hand hooked on my phone, scrolling through the plethora of master documents full of phone numbers and emails of therapists, wondering if this is something I really want for myself right now.

“But hey, I haven’t found myself spiralling that often recently. Do I really need this? I think I’ve got my own back for now.”, is what always stopped me for some reason. (spoiler alert for future me: bad decision).

Have you too ever wondered if therapy is something that is right for you? The answer to this question, regardless of where you are in your life and what your state of mind is, is always a yes. The concept of therapy in its entirety is still something that’s often looked down upon when mentioned in passing conversation. The entire notion of coming to terms with the fact that you need help, the so-called taboo spreading within yourself, is also something that can stop us from reaching out to someone when we feel at our lowest.

Even if you do feel comfortable with the act of reaching out to get help, the daunting task of not knowing how your first therapy session will go is also something that can hold you back.

But in the midst of all of this, it is important to remember that when you go into your session, you are in the hands of a trained professional who is there to help you facilitate honest dialogue and discuss your issues in an attempt to lower stress levels. Speaking from my own experience, I was so nervous about how I was going to start off my first session, constantly thinking about what I was even going to say in the first place to this stranger sitting in front of me. But the mere act of just mentioning my apprehension around therapy itself made for a great conversation starter, and we were able to take it forward from there, my session coming to and end with me in tears. (Tip from my therapist: tears after therapy are always good!)

What Therapy Can Help You With

With its main focus being on communication, therapy can help in facilitating an ease in conversation with the primary goal being to get clarity on concerns with an added perspective of a trained professional. These majorly include anxiety, management of everyday stressors, and depression.

Moreover, additional elements to talk or group therapy, like medication, also also something that helps. A 2014 study published in JMA Psychiatry concluded that people who suffer from depression are more likely to show signs of improvement through a combination of talk therapy and medication as opposed to those who are just doing either of the two.

In addition to that, therapy is mostly to help with:

  • Self empowerment
  • Better communication
  • Getting new insights into your life from a fresher, professional perspective
  • Facilitating healthier choices in life
  • Finding coping strategies to manage stressors

The Therapy Experience

In 11th grade, our business studies class had this prevalent theme in almost every unit they used to teach us. It was the presence of contingency in every aspect of running a business, caused by the one thing that can’t be forecasted, and that is human behaviour. The experiences that we encounter as individuals trying to sail through life are so different and diverse, that it becomes almost impossible to predict how someone is going to react in a certain situation. Drawing a parallel to this, it is also possible that not everyone has the same therapy experience.

But don’t let the talks of this make you believe that therapy in itself holds no value. It might be that someone's first session didn’t go well merely because they weren’t able to communicate their needs and problems better, and therapy is something that exists exactly for that: to bridge this communication gap of undoing oneself. It is a gradual process of self-exploration and awareness as and when you get better at speaking your mind out with repeated sessions; just keep some faith in yourself and your therapist.

Here are some of our users at Now&Me talking about how their experience with therapy has been like, and what their opinons are surrounding accessibility:

1. This user, who found their way back!

therapy UGC 1

2. Confidentiality is the best policy

therapy UGC 2

3. Therapy is a safe space

therapy UGC 3

4. Therapy helps you grow and become self-aware

therapy UGC 4

5. These users, who had little bit more to say about taboo and accessibility

therapy UGC 5

therapy UGC 6

6. Oh, and what do we have here?

therapy UGC 7

Looks like you’ll have to watch this space to find out!

If there is anything you want to share or ask about therapy, join Now&Me today! Our helpful community will always be there for you to talk it all out!

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