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Self-care 101: A Guide To Ensure Your Well-being

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Sarvika Aggarwal

09 August 2023

6 Mins

Health is wealth.

We have grown up listening to this phrase. Our families have always taught this one mantra. If your body is suffering, your mind wouldn’t co-operate and you’re likely to make mistakes. Hence, it’s extremely important to take care of your health. Somehow, our families forgot to teach us that what we should do when it’s our mind who’s not feeling well?

As per the statistics of World Health Organization (WHO), every one out of four individuals has faced a mental health condition once in their lifetime. However, only 12.1% of the people suffering from a mental health condition seek help. It is important to give due regard to our mental as well as emotional health. Just as we need to feed the right amount of nutrition to our body, we need to feed positive thoughts and activities to our mind to keep it healthy.

Here are 6 ways to ensure your well-being and keep your mind healthy:

Keep two arms’ distance from all the negative drama

‘Sharp thorns, but tempting roses Oh, my fingers bleed’

We share different relationships with different people and before we realize, some relationships are a part of who we are. Friendships, romance, family, and professional relationships aggressively impact our lives. Even though differences and grievances are a part of human relationships, but sometimes, there are some relationships which, directly or indirectly, deteriorate our well-being.

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Funny how it happens over time, and before we realize it, we become a victim of toxic behavior. If you have been facing instances of toxic behavior in your relationships, know when to walk out. Caring, loving and fighting against odds in love is beautiful, but when you’re a shield for a person to shred their toxicity, remember it’s not just you and your heart getting hurt, but your bond and the other person’s health at stake too. Call them out with politeness, and try to help, if they need any.

However, if the sea has already crossed the heights, protect yourself. We protect our loved ones so much, that sometimes we forget there’s someone so much special in our lives who needs the most of our love, affection, and care and that’s us. Be kind to yourself.

Also, remember to call out yourself when you shred your toxic behavior on someone else. Remember, kindness is a two-way road.

Deaf Ears To Judgements

‘My heart just started breathing, Oh, I finally, learnt the language my heart speaks.’

Humans are hypocrites, and no matter how much they sing the saga of judgments being unethical, they come to their brains naturally. I don’t know if it’s natural behavior, or we’re just sick, we are prone to judge others’ life choices, some way or the other. While judgments will come to you from all the directions, it’s important to know that you’ve to create a wall between these judgments and your well-being. People will judge you no matter what you do, but you cannot suppress your valuable wishes for the sake of irrelevant people. If you’re not living up to your wishes, you’re merely breathing, my friend.

I’d quote again, ‘Humans are hypocrites’, and while you’d feel liberated if people will not judge you, remind yourself that ‘the not judging other rule’ is universal and you’re under its ambit. Ring a bell to yourself when you find yourself making others uncertain or feel guilty about their life choices. Love, respect, and kindness are those pigeons to whom even if you set free, they’d find their way back home, to you.

Learn and Grow

‘I grew flowers on my skin, Oh, the mud was stinky, But look at me now’

Growth is essential for our survival. While ‘netflix & chill’ feels like nirvana, learning a new skill, and excelling at it, is too close to peace. Our mind is home to scattered thoughts, and to protect it from the negativity, engaging it in productive activity is the best remedy. Not only being productive acts as your shield against negativity, but it is also a symbol of growth. When you grow, you start feeling positive and confident about yourself and it acts a step towards acceptance and self-love. As our holy books quote -

We’re born for Karma, and without Karma, we’re merely a piece of flesh.

Treat Yourself

‘I plucked a moment off my life today, I cherished it, And locked it in my memory lane’

Take that spa appointment that you’ve been wanting to. Go for that vacation for which you’ve been planning for years. Miss work, take breaks. Buy that expensive camera that you’ve dreamt for. Do everything that gives you moments of happiness and positivity. Life gets monotonous amidst that same study schedule or working hours that sometimes, we forget life was never meant to be caged in cubicles. While working, studying, or building a business is an integral part of our lives, don’t forget that life is much more than that. Life flows the most in tiny moments like eating ice-creams, discounts, and balloons, helping others, and making memories. Let yourself live that life without any sense of guilt.

Acknowledge Your Problem

‘Half-way to my happiness, for I faced my demons!’

If you’re suffering, pay attention to it and admit it to yourself that you’ve not been feeling okay. In our society, owing to fear of being judged, parental pressure, and lack of awareness, people with mental health conditions prefer to stay hidden in the closet and suffocate themselves from within. If you do not acknowledge that your problem is more than ‘just sadness’, you’d never be able to escape the black cloud.

Remember, healing follows acceptance. Rather than contemplating others’ reactions, give some regard to yourself and your mental health and let it sink in. If you’d accept that there’s a problem, then only you’d be able to find a way to win the battle. You’re only your savior, my friend, and make sure you don’t leave yourself alone on the battlefield against the odds!

Seek help

If we do not cut dead ends off our body, we’ll end up dead.

Whenever you find yourself drowning in your thoughts and the problems the world has been throwing at you, try to bottle up the courage to seek help. NOPE, it doesn’t make you weak, for it takes a lot of courage to pour out your heart and your feelings to a third person.

Not feeling okay is totally normal, but the problem is when you do not seek help. Why suffer alone when they’re people to make you feel warm? Talk to a friend or your family and discuss with them the reasons and the emotions that have surrounded you. However, in the turbulent times, when, somehow, your loved ones aren’t in a position to understand your emotions, or are just too far to be with you, pour out your feelings at platforms where emotions aren’t treated as a burden, and where you’d find thousands of people who come from the same page as you do.

Now&Me understands the importance of well-being and assures to be your safe place where you let out your demons when life is being a little hard with you. We are far from the idea of judgments, and our platform would let you meet thousands of lost souls seeking and healing together.

While talking is important, don’t resist from seeking medical help, if required. Talking and letting out will make you feel a little lighter, but a medical expert will guide you in the right direction.

How Can Now&Me help?

Now&Me provides a safe and supportive platform to connect with experienced mental health and self care professionals who can offer you guidance and support.

Our peer community is welcoming, non-judgmental, and inclusive, creating a warm and supportive environment to share your thoughts and feelings.

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Welcome your wellness!

While all this was an insight into well-being, it is important to understand that you can ensure well-being by being fair and just to yourself. Remind yourself that your mind and heart need as much care as your body. Feed them the right food, and see the magic!

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