11 Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice From Couples Counselors

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Sarvika Aggarwal

31 January 2024

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Have you reached that age where you look up to people sustaining happy marriages and wish to have one for yourself as well?

Well, of course, you deserve one. But have you ever heard of the saying, “Relationships aren’t as perfect as they look from the outside?”. This line clearly says that in order to sustain a happy marriage or relationship, you have to put in diligent effort from your side. It isn’t something that one should take for granted and you and your partner have to get out of your comfort zone and make space for each other in your lives.

But how is a successful marriage guaranteed? There are some relationship advices from experts that can help you figure this out. So here is some best relationship advice for couples from experts that one should inculcate in their marriage to lead a happy life.

11 Relationship Advice Tips to Sustain a Marriage

While there may be more than 11 pieces of advice on relationships to sustain a happy marriage, here are some of them to help you begin with and see how one can truly maintain a long-lasting relationship.

1. Be radically honest with each other

The foundation of any relationship is based on trust, loyalty, and sincerity, and if you and your partner have that, you both have everything. It is often said that white lies are okay in a relationship; however, you never know what might hurt your partner, so if you are conscious and know you are true at heart, then it is important to be radically honest with each other about everything and anything. After all, you should get married to a person whom you do not have to hide things from, or else what is the point of that relationship?

be radically honest with each other

2. Have realistic expectations from each other

It is quite often that couples end up parting ways or losing each other because they keep unrealistic expectations from each other. It is very important to sustain a healthy and happy relationship that you keep realistic expectations from each other that you and your partner are capable of fulfilling. Moreover, it is also important that you both talk to each other about this and see if you are on the same page or not.

have realistic expectations from each other

3. Become good at fighting and communicating

It is not said much and people think it is bad when couples fight; however, it is the way you fight and communicate with each other that is important. Usually couples, while fighting, go against each other, forgetting that the real issue isn’t them but the problem they are trying to solve. So while fighting, couples tend to lose focus. It is important to remember that it is not the partner who you are against; it is you and your partner against the problem.

become good at fighting and communicating

4. Respect each other

More than loving your partner, it is important that you respect each other. Loving each other is easy, but respecting each other even in times of terrible storms says much more about your relationship. Some partners have a tendency to shout at their wives in front of everyone, thinking it is normal, when in reality, it shows how disrespectful husbands can be. So more than showering each other with love, give each other the utmost respect in front of and behind them.

respect each other

5. Give each other space

In any marriage or relationship, it is important to give your partner the space to grow, do their own thing, and enjoy their personal time. Moreover, being around each other all the time might get monotonous after a while, so it is important to engage in different things to keep things lively in a relationship.

give each other space

6. Empower each other to become their best selves

In any relationship, it is important to empower your partner and become their biggest cheerleader when they wish to try something new or get out of their comfort zone. Pulling each other down or saying demeaning things will only hinder the relationship. So while your partner might find it hard to believe in themselves, you instill that belief within them.

empower each other to become their best selves

7. Embrace the changes in each other

It is important to note that you and your partner will change as you grow up. So while it might be difficult to welcome the change instantly, it is important to look at it from an open-minded perspective and accept changes in a way that benefits both of you.

embrace the changes in each other

8. Forgiveness is the key

You and your partner will make mistakes and are bound to hurt each other; however, that doesn’t mean you will leave each other. The key to a long-lasting relationship is forgiveness. Of course, forgiveness has its own restrictions and doesn’t apply to scenarios where your partner cheats on you or goes behind your back. However, if you feel deep within you that your partner deserves that forgiveness and whatever is happening now won’t matter in the long run, it is best to accept that.

forgiveness is the key

9. Little things matter

The little things in the relationship, like cooking dinner, asking how the other person is, going out on dates, or simply planning surprises, add a different type of element to the relationship. These little things are actually huge things that give a sense of direction for the entire relationship. So if you and your partner wish to make your marriage successful, it is always important to keep that element of surprise in your relationship alive.

little things matter

10. Become their companion

When you get married, it is important to remember that in order to sustain the relationship, it is not always necessary to act as husband and wife, girlfriend or boyfriend; what is more important is to be each other’s companion, to be each other’s best friend so that you both can love each other but also have fun and go on adventures with each other.

become their companion

11. Support each other

No relationship works if there is no support for each other. In any marriage or relationship, having your partner’s back and keeping that faith is the key to a successful marriage. Your partner should know and believe that if no one is by their side, their partner will always have their side.

support each other

When to Seek Relationship Advice From Experts

It is no secret that taking relationship advice, regardless of whether your relationship is going smoothly, is normal; however, if you still think that your relationship is going downhill and needs some love and care, it is best to consult a marriage counselor.

While a lot of couples take marriage counseling to understand each other and get the best marriage advice, it is definitely recommended to see a counselor if you see your relationship going south. Taking the best piece of marriage advice from experts is not something to be ashamed of; it is completely normal to lose track of your relationship. What matters is if you and your partner wish to take that steering back in your hands or not.

Maintaining a relationship is not easy but it is definitely worth it if the other person is willing to come halfway and walk with you. This only makes the journey smoother and full of adventures.

Talk to a relationship expert and get the best marriage advice to flourish your relationship with your partner for free.

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