NikkieTutorials: Why Outing Trans People is Never Okay

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08 October 2021

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YouTube makeup creator Nikkie de Jager, popularly known as NikkieTutorials, has come out as Transgender in a recent video uploaded to her channel.

The 25-year-old beauty guru explained how she “never felt comfortable with labels” and how she always wanted to be her “own human being”.

She also revealed the true reason behind finally making this public announcement, which horrifically turned out to be the fact that some people (who she chose not to name) had been blackmailing her and threatened to release her “secret” to the press.

This incident has yet again reopened the conversation around Trans identities, and how outing someone can be harmful to not only the individual but as well as the entire Transvisibility movement.

Why is it wrong to involuntarily out someone belonging to the LGBTQ+ community?

Coming out is one of the most personal experiences that LGBTQ+ people should have on their own terms and in their own time.

Similarly, it is also up to them to decide how much information they want to give out and to whom. They might be open about their identity but may choose to share the medical aspects with only close friends or family.

What are the reasons why a Trans person may choose to not come out?

As personal as it can be, coming out is something that Transpeople may not choose to indulge in due to many reasons, many of which mainly revolve around feeling unsafe and living under the fear of being discriminated against.

They might also feel like they’re not ready to face the probable reactions from their peers, regardless of them being positive or negative.

No Trans person is obligated to explain or reveal their personal reasons to not come out to the world.

What happens when you involuntarily out a Trans person?

One of the most major feelings that might emerge in an individual after being outed against their will, is humiliation because they weren’t inherently ready for people to know.

Uncalled violence and transphobia may follow, which can lead to them losing their sense of identity and they might feel like whatever they’ve spent so much time building upon, has been taken away from them.

How can we be better allies? states that there is no one ‘perfect’ way of being an ally. We should always be as respectful as we can, and try out best.

Trans individuals' identity doesn’t always have to be understood in order to be respected since there is no one right way to be transgender. People may or may not choose to medically transition, but their choices do not invalidate them being transgender in any way.

Be respectful of their pronouns, and always continue to educate yourself by having conversations with the trans people in your life, along with researching and seeking out information on your own as well.

Let’s make 2020 more of a safe space for people questioning their gender identity so that they can talk about it more openly without fear of judgment!

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