What to do when I need someone to talk to about my feelings and problems?

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Drishti Gupta

11 January 2024

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Have you ever said to yourself, ‘I have no friends and I need someone to talk to’ or googled, ‘who do I talk to when I have no one to talk to?’

Maybe you’ve just come across a new course and you don’t know anyone in the class or you’ve just shifted cities for your career plans, or maybe you feel lonely in a room full of people, whatever the situation may be, Now&Me’s got you!

If you’ve had these instances where you feel like you have no one to talk to, this article is for you. Whatever the situation may be, there’s always one thing you must remember, “Nothing is forever”. This feeling of loneliness will pass, and there shall be a new day, a new beginning awaiting your presence!

Today, when our lives are consumed by living behind our screens, watching reels endlessly while comparing our lives with the person on the screen, we may feel more lonely than ever. One can easily fall into the loop of comparing our lives with the other person and while that is easy, we need to always remember that “the grass looks greener on the other side”.

If you constantly think I need someone to talk to or simply want to share your feelings, you can do so anonymously on this online peer support network for free!

Having no one to share your thoughts and feelings with can be quite daunting. Talk to a counselor and share your heart out for free.

What happens when I have no one to talk to?

  • The feelings of loneliness can actually hurt and induce real physical pain. It can make us feel like someone has just stabbed us in the heart.
  • You end up feeling like you don’t deserve people and friends around you. You feel alone and like no one talks to you.
  • You think the situation of having nobody to talk to will never change.
  • You fear embarrassment when you have to do things alone. There is always a burden on you to always be with someone else when going out so that no one notices that you have nobody to talk to. For example, going to a movie alone is looked down upon.
  • You hold certain memories extremely close to your heart. When you listen to songs that bring back those old memories, you end up feeling lonely.
  • You might not have someone to talk to if you moved away from your hometown. This can be to attend school, college, or work and that also means leaving familiar people behind. It can be scary when you feel like no one talks to me.

In the mix of these emotions and feelings, we tend to forget that loneliness is just a ‘feeling’ and not a ‘fact’. It’s very important to understand that it’s not something that is going to stay with you forever. You have all the power in you to change things for yourself. There’s always a better place or opportunity waiting for you! All you need to do is give change a chance.

During these moments of extreme loneliness and vulnerability, don’t let your feelings drive your decisions. Always remember that there is nothing wrong with looking for help.

When you constantly tell yourself that “I have no one and I need someone to talk to”, you need to first ask yourself, ‘What exactly am I looking for?’ and then take action accordingly.

On Now&Me, you will find a community that truly cares about you. Feel free to share your feelings with us, anonymously if you wish to!

How to cope when I have no one to talk to?

  • The first and foremost thing to do is - Accept. Acceptance can do wonders and while you accept the way you’re feeling, it is going to help you self-reflect and work towards changing your situation for the better.

  • Do not compare. Don’t compare your life with the ones you barely know or with people around you. Comparing can lead to jealousy and hopelessness which can ultimately become a hindrance in your personal journey of growth.

  • Spend time out of your comfort zone. Maybe, you’ve become too comfortable in your own zone and you’re not exploring. This can feel tough but once you push yourself a little, things can change from here.

  • We know that you’ve tried talking to people or maybe you’re hesitant to initiate the conversation but shoot your shot. See what happens, take the chance, and call that friend you haven’t talked to in ages or make a plan with your group. You’d be surprised to see how people would be willing to hang out.

  • You may feel that spending time alone means loneliness but you’d be shocked to see the changes if you learn how to spend time with yourself. Start doing different things with yourself and see what you like, and what you don’t like. For instance, go out shopping and then dine in for lunch at your favorite places, download a show on your phone, and watch it while having your meal. You’d see how much change it brings to your mood.

  • There is absolutely no harm in seeking therapists and professional help. Approach professional help if feelings of loneliness are extreme and you’re not able to handle it yourself. If you feel confused about reaching out to a therapist, you can now chat instantly with experts like therapists on the Now&Me app.

  • Reach out and help someone else through your journey and experiences. Lend a helping hand to someone else who might be going through similar things such as yourself. Kindness goes a long way.

  • Use the internet. Inclusive forums like Now&Me are a blessing for your internet addiction. These communities are free, if you can’t afford therapy, and connect you with like-minded people who might’ve gone through similar things. Safe spaces allow you to express yourself without any inhibitions, even anonymously if you wish to. Venting out is extremely important and such platforms enable you to do that. You will no longer feel like “I have no one to talk to”

What are the benefits of talking to someone when I need someone to talk to?

Talking helps. When thoughts like ‘I need to talk to someone but I have no one flood your mind, try and reach out to people. You can start a little by talking about your favorite tv show or striking up a conversation about college or work, just don’t push yourself a lot in this journey but step-by-step take action. Find someone you’re comfortable sharing your problems with and see how much of a difference it makes. Here are a few ways in which talking helps.

Releasing stress and building strong connections

When you share not only the bad parts of your life but also the good ones with someone, it helps your body and brain release all the pent-up stress and tension.

Talking to someone about anything and everything also helps in strengthening your decision-making skills since it allows you an opportunity to approach a problem with different perspectives through the power of collaborative conversation.

Strong friendships make you live longer

Human beings are highly social creatures and having connections plays a huge role in the overall quality of life that we live on a long-term basis.

Naturally, when you have less stress and anxiety in life, you live longer, and having people close to you for the long haul to share all your ups and downs with is a benefactor.

How does Now&Me help for the time when you feel like I need someone to talk to?

  • You feel heard. There is always someone reading and relating to what you share. It’s not talking to strangers but talking with peers.
  • It’s like your personal journal that you can choose how to use as you please. Be it for venting out whatever’s on your mind or to use as self-improvement documentation.
  • It helps in sorting through your feelings. While pouring down your thoughts and whatever’s bothering you, you end up understanding yourself better.
  • It reassures you that you’re not the only one going through this. Someone, somewhere in the world has shared the pain you are going through right now.


There are many people out there who are struggling with their mental health. And this is to assure you that we’ve got you! If you do not feel like talking to other peers, that’s alright. You can always visit our website or download the app and get to the expert’s panel, where you can chat with a professional instantly. We hope we make things easier for you!

You can learn more about what Now&Me is, how it helps, and how it works here: All about Now&Me

Sometimes all you want is someone to listen to you without any advice or solution; talk to a professional expert to unburden yourself for free.


There’s this feeling you get when thoughts like ‘no one talks to me’ comes to mind, a feeling of sadness. But hey, you can do a lot of things to surpass this feeling, You can find support from your friends and family. Talking about your needs can help you immensely. If you’ve been facing struggles communicating with them, we have a community of people who would love to talk. Share your feelings with our Now&Me community.

Well, the thing about having no one is, you need to let the thought ‘I have nobody to talk to’ go. And rather, you need to figure out who you can reach out to. Find who you are the most comfortable with and then reach them. Let them know that you’re having a hard time and you need their support. Be clear and direct.

You might be feeling like you’re alone and no one talks to me but you’d be surprised to see that there are people around, if only you try. You can reach out to your family or close friends or your partner. Having people who you’re comfortable around is a blessing. If you’re still having a hard time being open to your circle, you are always welcome to the Now&Me community.

Now&Me is a platform that allows its users to openly talk about their issues without the fear of judgment. Having someone who listens can help. Share feelings online with peers or experienced experts like therapists, psychologists, and life coaches. Download the app now and no longer feel like I have no one to talk to.

Yes! Experts by Now&Me is a space where you can text experts like therapists and psychologists for FREE. If you need help in any area of your life, you can reach out to our experts and make a sound decision.

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