15 Low Stress Jobs for People with Anxiety

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Sarvika Aggarwal

08 February 2024

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It can be quite difficult to find a relevant job for people with anxiety. While having a certain amount of anxiety and stress at the workplace is fine, the moment it passes a certain limit and starts to hinder your life, it surely comes between your work as well.

However, that shouldn’t stop people from pursuing their dream career or doing something productive for a living. So if you are someone who isn’t able to understand what to do for a living because you have anxiety, let’s explore some of the best jobs for people with anxiety.

How to Work With Anxiety

There is no doubt about the fact that it can be hard to work with anxiety, as it can lead to extreme self-doubt and panic. Moreover, society and the people who aren’t aware of anxiety don’t make it any easier. Although it is very possible to work and get low anxiety jobs, people aren’t very aware of it.

Anxiety can make it hard for a person to work as it leads to a whole lot of physical symptoms like sweating, heart palpitations, nausea, and even headaches. However, there are many jobs for people with anxiety that people do not know about. So, let’s have a look at it.

Working with anxiety can be difficult; talk to professional experts and understand how to manage it for free.

15 Best Jobs for People With Anxiety

While looking for a job, people with anxiety should look for certain prerequisites and dynamics with which they are able to manage their symptoms. A job that has low levels of stress can only be considered as good jobs for people with anxiety. Moreover, a job that piques a person’s motivation and interest does help in dialing their anxiety down a bit. However, other than that, let’s have a look at 15 low stress jobs for people with anxiety:

1. Writer

Writing from the comfort of your home or opting for freelance work can give the person the freedom to exercise their job from anywhere and take away the stress of meeting with people or networking with them in-person.

2. Graphic designer

Designing from the comfort of your home or somewhere in nature is what piques the designer’s creative side the most. A designer doesn't necessarily have to show up at the office. They can simply take up freelance work and work remotely without having the hassle of traveling or meeting people.

3. Librarian

Working as a librarian is a quiet and relaxing job, as you have the freedom to read books and help people find the books they like. The environment is always peaceful, which can keep the anxiety of the person at bay and even let them enjoy their work as much as they can.

4. Developer

Working as a developer is again an individual job and doesn’t require much interaction with people. You can sit alone and get your work done in time without having to network too much with people.

5. Photographer

Working as a photographer can be quite relaxing and distracting in a good way, as it can help people with anxiety get away from their negative thoughts and focus on nature and the beauty in front of them, making it one of the low anxiety jobs.

6. Babysitter

Handling babies and taking care of them can be quite fun for some people, especially for people who love babies. While it is not easy to take care of such small beings, it is an individual task that releases a whole lot of dopamine and helps you stay in the present with the child.

7. Housekeeper

Working as a housekeeper is an individual job that doesn’t require any teamwork. It depends on the person and how well they can manage their time and tasks. So while the work can get monotonous at times, it is one of the best jobs for people with anxiety.

8. Gardener

Taking care of plants and being around nature is in itself a soothing process. Taking this as a job and making it your living, especially for a person with anxiety, can be quite relaxing and fulfilling.

9. Baker

Working as a baker and making cakes is something that helps people get away from their negative thoughts and make space for themselves and their homely cakes. Moreover, baking doesn’t require many people and can be done alone, making it one of the best jobs for people with anxiety.

10. Florist

Being a florist and managing flowers and selling them can be quite relaxing. There is not much team effort required here and it can make the process of knowing the flowers and selling them quite fun.

11. Video editor

Editing videos and putting cool songs behind them is on the rise nowadays. People are in a rush to hire such people, as this kind of job is something that is going to boom in the future. This type of job can certainly be done from anywhere without anyone having to manage you or tell you how things should be done.

12. Social media manager

Working in social media and creating content while sitting in the comfort of your home and doing work at your own pace and with flexibility makes the job of social media manager highly engrossing and one of the best jobs for people with anxiety.

13. Artist

Working as an artist in itself is a highly engaging job. However, getting to work alone and not engaging with many people is what might satisfy a person with anxiety and give them the freedom to do their job as per their liking.

14. Personal trainer

Working as a personal trainer not only helps someone else’s fitness routine but also helps you maintain yourself and your overall lifestyle. Having to do set routines with someone and working on yourself too can be one of the most fulfilling things to do.

15. Tutor

Working as a tutor and helping someone achieve their dreams and goals can be one of the best jobs for people with anxiety. Someone else’s dream can become the tutor’s dream very soon and they bring that strength to help the other person reach where they want to reach with all their calibre.

Jobs to Avoid for People With Anxiety

While there are some jobs that are best for people with anxiety, there are some jobs that people with anxiety should try and avoid, such as:

1. Public speaker

It can be quite hard for people with anxiety to go into such a line of work, as talking to an audience and getting that much attention can trigger their anxiety even more.

2. Journalist

Taking interviews or talking about severe events happening around the world can really alarm the person with anxiety and make them feel more negative and drained.

3. News reporter

Reporting news of any kind can be quite exhausting, especially when the news has to be broadcast and you have to be on site where the calamity or incident has occurred. This can be highly triggering and make the person with anxiety panic even more.

4. Event planner

Event planning takes a lot of travelling here and there, being on your toes about everything, and talking to people from all over the world. This job can get highly stressful as the person doesn’t get time to relax or even take a break from themselves.

5. Salesperson

A job as a salesperson is quite difficult, as they have to have the skills of persuasion and strong communication, which pushes the consumer to buy stuff without getting irritated or frustrated. This can get extremely stressful and tough on a daily basis and can trigger a person's anxiety even more.

6. Psychologist

A job as a psychologist is not easy, especially for a person with anxiety. Listening to people and detaching yourself from their stories and experiences can be quite tough. A psychologist has to be present with their client while listening to their stories and not let their personal biases or judgements get in the way, which can be extremely hard for a person dealing with severe anxiety.

7. Surgeon

A surgeon's job is all about having a sharp focus and having fine dexterity and patience. A person with anxiety will find it extremely difficult to keep their cool, as this kind of job can be absolutely nerve-wracking and challenging.

8. Doctor

Just like a surgeon, a doctor has to be calm and collected while dealing with patients. They cannot get emotional or lose themselves during an operation or while consulting their patients, which can be quite difficult for people with anxiety.

9. Performer

Whether it be the job of a dancer, actor, or singer, it can be quite hard for people with anxiety to keep themselves collected, as there can be times when it can get out of hand or they forget their part or act because of anxiety, which can further make them more anxious.

10. Chef

The job of a chef is extremely hectic. They have to work long hours and have to be hospitable to people even when they might not be feeling their best, which again can cause more chaos for the person with anxiety.

How to Cope With Anxiety While Applying for Jobs

Applying for jobs and taking an interview is a difficult process. It gets anyone anxious and stressed and for a person with anxiety to go through this, it can be even more nerve-wracking. So how can one cope with anxiety while applying for jobs? Let’s have a look.

1. Meditate and apply

Do not be in a rush while applying for jobs. Meditate and bring your nervous system to a calm and relaxed state. Make a goal of applying to five jobs in a day and do it with a clear head so that you are able to apply for the right kind of job rather than apply everywhere impulsively.

2. Pause and reflect

Do not do things impulsively. Pause and reflect on the kinds of jobs you’d like to work for, make a proper strategy, and accordingly apply for jobs that intrigue you. It is better to apply for two jobs that interest you rather than 10 jobs you have no interest in.

3. Practice self-care

It is important to practice self-care even when you are applying for jobs. You do not have to go to a certain extreme and forget about yourself while applying for jobs. Take your time, go slow, and do things that make you relaxed and happy from the inside.

4. Lean on your support system

Ask your friends and family for help. If you are not able to take the load and are feeling absolutely hopeless, talk to them, ask them to help you, and ask them to motivate you to apply for jobs that will hone you for the better.

5. Seek professional help

If nothing seems to work out, seek professional help, ask your therapist to guide you and give you effective strategies to help you calm down, and apply for jobs that peak your interest. If not, your therapist will help you calm your anxiety and provide you with ways to live a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

6. Prepare for interviews

Prepare yourself for the interviews by asking your family to conduct mock interviews with you, ask you difficult questions, and prepare you for the worst case scenario. Make yourself a list of questions that can be asked and make sure to form smart answers to them so that you are able to stand out from the rest.

7. Challenge negative thoughts

Challenge your negative thoughts by countering them with relevant questions that make their effect diminish and make you feel more confident within yourself. For example: if your thought says, “You are so useless," reply by saying, “Why do you think so? And if your thoughts say, “Because you cannot even do this simple task," counter back by saying, “So, does this small thing define my worth?” and your thoughts will go away that second.

8. Take small breaks

In order to function properly and not let your anxiety get in the way, remember to take small breaks in between. Even if they are small breaks of 10 minutes, you can rejuvenate in that and take a brisk walk in nature to clear your mind.

When to Seek Professional Support

If you are not able to manage your anxiety and it is getting in the way of choosing your dream career, it is best to seek professional support right away. You can lean on your friends or family but having a therapist who gives you objective guidance will be more effective for you.

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