Is Therapy Really Worth It?

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Namrata Roy

03 May 2022

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People take a long time to realise that some aspects of their behaviour are unusual and that the irregularities negatively impact their social and professional lives. Some people appear to be unaware of the importance of their mental health, while others are afraid of being judged harshly if they seek treatment.

You may be hesitant to attend a therapist due to a variety of concerns and reasons. Some of you might be afraid of opening up to someone. Revealing your difficulties, traumas, troubles, and fears to a complete stranger, but there is time to build that relationship with this stranger; it is the first obstacle to conquer while attempting to reconstruct oneself into a confident, dependable, and approachable individual. To move past the darkness that has taken up residence within your consciousness and towards a brighter future, it is necessary to acknowledge it.

Your concerns are completely understandable. You want to know if something is worth your time, money, and energy before you do it. Many people also have doubts about the efficacy and benefits of therapy. Now&Me is here to dispel all those doubts you may have and explain why you should prioritise your mental health and seek therapy if you see any irregularities in your behaviour.

How Therapy Can Help You

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1. Therapy is undeniably effective.

You'll notice it for yourself. It's a long process that requires both sides' involvement. Still, it'll eventually liberate you from all the weight you're carrying, whether it's stress, hyper self-awareness, untreated trauma, or terrible despair. With the support of therapy, you will undoubtedly find your way out of your life's dark and uncomfortable period. It will assist you in seeing all of the dazzling things that the canopy of your mind's gloom obscures.

2. You may be lacking in social confidence and require a change.

You want to make your presence known, be comfortable initiating conversations, and feel at ease in your own skin, yet something is holding you back. Because of your social anxiety, hyper self-awareness, lack of confidence, or introverted temperament, you are acutely aware of the people around you and their scrutinising gazes. You want to do a lot, yet you're afraid. Going to therapy will gradually make you feel more at ease with expressing yourself to the point where you are no longer afraid of being criticised.

3. You can improve your relationship with the people you love.

You want to have a good relationship with your spouse, but your fears and lack of confidence in your partner, as well as vice versa, are preventing you from doing so. If this is the case, relationship therapy can assist you in weaving a solid but beautiful bond in your partnership. The topic is examined from the perspectives of both parties participating in this therapy. The problem is solved via cooperative efforts from both parties, allowing couples to overcome their differences and prevent separation.

4. A trauma that went unrecognised can be resolved through therapy.

If you have an untreated trauma that still haunts you, interferes with your everyday life, or has a negative impact on your decisions, you should seek trauma therapy. Untreated traumas are excruciatingly difficult to live with for the rest of your life. To feel more at ease with yourself, you should seek out counselling. Trauma is a heavy load that includes a variety of symptoms, including nightmares. In many ways, sleepless and uneasy nights have an impact on your personal life and mental health. Seeing a therapist might help you stop having nightmares and get back on track with your sleep schedule.

The benefits of therapy, as well as the reasons for going to therapy, are limitless. It is never a bad idea to get help from a therapist. It's for the greater good of you. Therapy and counselling sessions will assist you in overcoming your difficulties and releasing whatever is holding you back from living the life you want. So take a leap of faith and go for it.


We recognize that counselling is a difficult choice for many people for a variety of reasons. Cost, time flexibility, location, access, and other criteria, for example. Which is why Now&Me has introduced Therapy&Me, a perfect solution to all your therapy-related problems. If you're not sure where to begin, we will walk you through the process and match you with the right therapist.

Therapy&Me is a secure haven for anyone looking for support from a therapist. It's a cost-effective, judgement-free safe zone where people can be themselves and receive the therapy they require without any restrictions.

With Now&Me finding, scheduling and booking a therapy session is effortless. And trust me when I say, we will help you find the right therapist for you.


1. What are the Benefits of Therapy?

There are numerous advantages to counselling. By taking modest efforts like these and working on yourself, you may help yourself become a better version of yourself. They assist you in letting go of your inhibitions and becoming your authentic self. You may not be concerned about being judged because it is something you are doing to appreciate yourself. We can be very unreliable narrators of our stories; therapy provides that vantage point.

2. What are the Benefits of Therapy for College Students?

Students in college are mostly all young adults. There's a lot of strain and stress on top of your head, and your shoulders are weighed down with duties. Your future is still unknown to you, and your life's stability is still in doubt. You are familiar with the feeling of crushing anxiety and worry about the unknown future. While some students breeze through college without incident, others struggle to cope with the enormous strain and exam pressure, becoming depressed and anxious. A therapy or counselling session might assist them in overcoming these feelings and enjoying their college experience.

This blog post was proof-read and edited by our in-house psychologist, Shaifila.

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