I Hate My Body: How to Have Body Positivity in the Pandemic despite ‘Quarantine 15’?

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22 January 2024

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I hate my body and the pandemic is aggravating my insecurity. What should I do?

How do I love my body and feel body positive despite the unfavourable weight gain, coupled with the inhibition in the movement and the uncertainty of what the future holds. I hate my body, why does it have to be me?!

Are you grappling with daily monologues about your changing body in the new normal? Do you feel overwhelmed by the extra pounds gained during the pandemic lockdown a.k.a Quarantine 15? [Quarantine 15 was a recent trending word that meant coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic with an extra 15 pounds. It is a word to describe the weight gain in pandemic.]

Stop saying that you hate your body because we all have different bodies and there should be no yardstick to compare it!

Researches have pointed out that –The COVID-19 lockdown resulted in widespread rapid weight gain, termed 'covibesity,' due to increased food consumption, takeaways, and alcohol sales globally.

Increased screen time from remote work, online education, and social media has been accompanied by heightened online advertising targeting children in the food industry. Urgent collaboration among stakeholders is crucial to curb the covibesity trend. Addressing body image issues, understanding body positivity, and emphasizing self-care are vital steps in navigating these challenging times.

What is Body Positivity and How to Inculcate it in the Pandemic?

‘Body positivity is a social movement of accepting your body irrespective of the way it looks and to feel good in your skin is the very crux of body positivity. It does not matter what shape, size, color, scars your body has, irrespective of your gender or the changes it has undergone in due course of time. Respecting your body and providing it the nourishment it needs is a sign of you having a healthy relationship with your body.

This pandemic has been an eye-opener in a way that we have spent a lot of time giving room to our emotions and facing our deep hidden feelings. Indeed, this period has been a stressful one. Self-care becomes a pivotal form of taking responsibility for coping up with these rough patches.

You can check out Now&Me’s platform that propagates an empowering room to have conversations on various segments including body positivity. Allowing yourself space to get familiar with your body hair, stretch marks, the extra fats and curves, acne, etc. is super crucial. And once you become familiar with them, adorning them for as they are is a step towards self-love.

Maybe you are not happy about it and feel the need to cause a change. That’s okay. Maybe you are feeling anxious about bringing a change. That’s okay too! Whatever it is, giving yourself the room to let it be as it is and loving it for being a part of you is important. Maybe you don’t feel like putting yourself through a strict routine and being hard on yourself. So be it! There’s no right or wrong way of going about this. Loving yourself and being gentle throughout the process is all you gotta do!

Maybe the process looks like a lazy weekend Netflix party with a steaming bowl of Maggi or it could look like sweating it out in your new athleisure tracks and concluding your day with a wholesome bowl of veggie soup.

Strategies to Help You to Navigate Self-Hatred

Understand that it’s a pandemic

No-one in their wildest dreams had imagined this degree of uncertainty, anxiousness, isolation, and restlessness. It’s very human of you to feel this way. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Stop comparing your past self with you or just stop any form of self-comparison.

Social media for social good

Do you really want me to say this to validate the fact that the Quarantine Glow-Up is just a hype you shouldn’t actually really care about? Maybe like they say it, the real glow up was always internal?! Be careful about what you are consuming. Social media has turned into a platform to compete and compare. Beware of this detrimental impact, and try to incorporate a change by reducing your scrolling time. I really, strongly believe in the following equation, CREATE > CONSUME. So, go create some art!!

Eat what makes you feel good

On some days you could indulge yourself in a sinful feast. And that’s okay! But do keep in mind to take care of your nutritional requirements along with.

Move around

It could be in any form, dance your heart out, go for a walk or maybe just stretch a bit, sit and meditate. Do whatever makes your endorphins excited and release the feel-good hormones!!

Indulge in a self-love prep talk

One of the things I look forward to in my day is dedicating a time slot to just sit, relax and let go of any tension. Meanwhile, I get really busy obsessing over with my own self and celebrating my quirky and unique traits. I totally deserve my shower of affection and so do you deserve yours! Go ahead, choke yourself with a beaming ray of self-love and warmth. You could decorate your face, put on some make-up like an artist if you like, or just appreciate the rawness of your subtle yet loud existence! Whatever it is just make sure you don’t settle for any less adoration from you.

Find out what works for you

Experiment with yourself, try out new things, see what you like and dislike and hence accordingly incorporate those things in your daily regimen. Maybe you feel good moving around during the evenings when it is windy or you like sitting and staring at the sunrise in the morning. Maybe you like to have a lighter meal at night or love to start your day in a slower manner. Find your balance and stick to whatever promotes your mental and physical wellbeing.

Avoid weight-related jokes

If someone’s unintentional mockery is triggering you, then you should try to have a conversation with them and let them know about how you are feeling. Please avoid social media memes and jokes if they feel like personal attacks.

How Can Now&Me Help You Incorporate Body Positivity?

Now&Me is a supportive platform dedicated to fostering body positivity by providing a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and challenges related to self-image. Through open conversations, shared stories, and empathetic discussions, Now&Me empowers users to embrace their bodies with acceptance and love. By connecting with a community that understands the journey towards body positivity, individuals can gain insights and cultivate a healthier and more positive relationship with their own bodies.

Now&Me serves as a catalyst for self-discovery and self-love, fostering an environment where everyone's unique journey towards body positivity is acknowledged and celebrated. Download the app to start your journey of self-love with us.

When you do not know how to tackle your body image issues, sign up on Now&Me and seek online therapy. Be a part of a non-judgmental, inclusive, and friendly community. A platform made for you to readily ask for help and let our mental health therapists help you understand the root cause of your body image issues and make you aware of how to effectively tackle them.

Invest in your mental health and download Now&Me for free!

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