How To Manifest Someone In your Life: 15 Effective Ways

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Sarvika Aggarwal

17 January 2024

8 Mins

You must have heard of the term “manifesting someone”. But what does it really mean?

Well, to put it in simpler terms, manifesting someone is defined as wanting someone in your life with pure intention, belief, and hard work. It is directly connected to the law of attraction, which suggests that you can call on someone that you wish to have in life with the right mindset and action.

There is a difference between manifesting something and manifesting someone. When it comes to manifesting someone, you wish to have a specific person in your life because you genuinely love and care for them. So when your intention is right, you get what you want.

It is like the saying, What is meant to be yours will be yours. So let's see how to manifest someone.

What Does Manifesting Someone Mean?

Manifesting someone means wanting someone in your life you genuinely want through positive thinking, the law of attraction, and the right intention.

When you speak out to the universe about wanting someone in your life, your energy is being shared with the universe and that particular person. If your energy is positive, authentic, and not motivated by selfishness, it will be reciprocated.

Whatever you want, you can call it to the universe with the right mindset, and you will be rewarded. Let us see how that happens and how to manifest someone.

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How to Manifest Someone in 15 Steps

If you wish to manifest someone in your life, keep in mind that it will only happen if you put positive energy into the universe. If your intention is not right, then it won’t be manifested. So, let's see how to manifest a specific person properly.

1. Make a vision board

Putting pieces of images that define your dream life together will fuel you with positive vibes and help you work on getting that person to have a clear mindset. Hang your vision board in your room where it is clearly visible and pushes you to manifest the person you want when you have low motivation.

2. Meditation

Manifesting someone is mostly about concentrating on the positive and setting the right intention which can be done by meditating. It is easy to get carried away with the taunts and opinions of society. However, when you are focused on your goal, nothing, not even your inner critic, can distract you.

3. Crystals

There are certain crystals that help manifest the person you wish to have in your life. They are mostly rose quartz, pink kunzite, or rhodonite. For manifesting your person, hold the stone in your hand and manifest whomever you wish to have with the right mindset and intention. Let go of all the expectations and trust that whatever you wish for will happen without attaching yourself too much to the situation.

4. Positive Affirmations

Using positive affirmations in your daily life will help you strengthen your mind and believe in yourself and your intentions, even when you are having a bad day. It is easy to lose focus and motivation when you do not get to see the results of your hard work right away. However, using positive affirmations will help you be patient and trust the process. For example, I know I am capable of manifesting the person I want in my life.

5. Law of attraction

You can manifest someone by simply applying the law of attraction, which means that whatever we think and put our energy into has the power to manifest in reality. If we wish to have someone in our lives, a mindset that is positive and authentic will bear fruit in due time. However, if you keep thinking you deserve someone but do not put the required effort into it, then it simply won’t work.

6. Practicing manifestation rituals

There are some manifestation rituals that you can try out, like writing your manifestations on paper and burning the paper after that. While it is getting burned, visualize your dream coming to fruition. Other than this, you can try the 3 6 9 technique, which means saying your manifestation with the right intention three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night.

7. Creative visualization

When you wish to have someone in your life, imagine that they are already with you. Basically, imagine that you do see a life with them that is filled with love, care, and happiness. This will help you work on those dreams more often and will fuel you with the utmost positivity.

Manifesting someone is all about being true to yourself and your intentions. Talk to a professional expert and share your manifestations with them for free.

8. Release negativity

When you wish to manifest someone in your life, it is important that you do that with complete positivity. Doing things from a place of negativity will lead to negative results. So before you manifest someone, release all the negativity and stress that you have within you.

9. Set proper intentions

When you are manifesting a specific person, it is important to do it with the right mindset and intention. If your intention is only to have that person for casual and fun purposes, then the manifestation won’t come to fruition. However, if you have good intentions, it will pay off in the long run.

10. Take action

Manifestation will never work if you keep thinking about the person but do nothing to go after them. It is not easy to step outside of your comfort zone and do things that seem new and uncomfortable, like talking to the person you wish to manifest. However, if you want someone, you have to build the strength to talk to them and connect with them.

11. Be patient

It is important to be patient when it comes to manifesting a specific person. It will have major bumps and roadblocks, which can make you lose faith and hope in your manifestation. However, instead of putting your faith and hope in your manifestation, put that into your hard work, and you will get the fruit of your labor. When we put our expectations and trust in the outcome, it can hurt us if we do not get what we want. That is why it is said to trust the process and be patient because, you never know, you might get bigger things than you expected.

12. Do not attach yourself to the outcome

The most important thing when it comes to manifestation is not attaching yourself to the outcome or expecting that if you have manifested for it, it will definitely happen. Manifestation doesn't work that way. Attaching yourself to the outcome will only lead to hurt or disappointment. So the right way to manifest is to do things without any expectations and surrender yourself to the universe.

13. Be clear about your goals

Manifestation works when you are confident that you have the right intention and deserve the other person. It is normal to be confused or fuzzy at times; however, when you believe in yourself and know that you are not doing anything wrong, you can work on them faster.

14. Align yourself with what you want

If you are not in alignment with your higher and current selves, it will be difficult for you to believe in your manifestation and bring it to fruition. Aligning your inner world with your outer world is extremely important if you wish to have someone in your life.

15. Journaling

Journaling is a great way to understand your thoughts, whether they are negative or positive. Simply writing down your thoughts, feelings, and dreams about that person will help you clear your mind and focus on manifesting a specific person by filtering out the unnecessary voices in your head.

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Tips for Manifesting Someone Specific

There are some great tips on how to manifest a specific person in your life. Let’s see.

  1. Be clear about who you want
  2. Focus on your wishes and let go of any expectations
  3. Using affirmations and visualizations
  4. Believe in yourself and do things with the right mindset
  5. Be patient
  6. Put the hard work and surrender to the universe

The best way for manifesting a specific person is by going with the flow while keeping your desires in clear focus.

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Signs That You Are Being Manifested in People’s Lives

While there are numerous ways to manifest people into your life, there are also signs of you being manifested by others. Let's see what they are:

  • You feel a strong connection and pull from that person
  • You cannot stop thinking about them
  • You keep seeing them everywhere you go
  • They seem to pop out of nowhere
  • You feel attracted to them
  • You feel like you already know them

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How Long Does It Take to Manifest Someone?

There is no timeframe within which you will get someone you have manifested in your life. Manifestations work solely on your hard work and belief, without any expectations.

Manifestations won’t come to fruition if you keep desiring them but don't put in the hard work. Moreover, if you attach yourself to the outcome, it may lead to disappointment. When you go after someone or your goals without any expectations or attachment, you get more than you thought you would.

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The Bottom Line

To sum up, manifestation means to manifest someone or to want someone in your life that you genuinely want through positive thinking, the law of attraction, and the right intention. Manifestation doesn’t simply mean to think about it and hope it will happen for you. It is the act of putting in the hard work, believing in yourself, and doing everything without attaching yourself to the outcome.

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