How to Make Friends during Quarantine?

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Preeti Dahiya

30 October 2020

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How to Make Friends during Quarantine?

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When we have been cooped up in our homes for so long due to quarantine, how to make new friends and sustain these friendships?

With the world being in quarantine for around 4 months now, we're getting used to avoid physical contact with our friends, relatives, and colleagues. Instead, we now prefer what is called social distancing and sometimes practice self-quarantine i.e. spending time alone. This quarantine has been extremely difficult for some people while for some (read introverts) this has been the perfect way to spend time with oneself.

There have been different stages of this quarantine. By stages, I don't mean the hierarchy or stages of the pandemic, but how we have evolved to date. As it is quite visible that almost all of us have tried different things, from making the famous dalgona coffee to reading novels and binge-watching Netflix, but the fact is that we all are completely bored because of this. We do miss our friends, who does not?

You probably thought that making friends can't be done at home, right? Wrong! Staying at home doesn't mean that we can't make friends because there are so many different ways through which we can make new friends in the new 'normal' way i.e. through technology.

Check out these 5 ways through which you can make friends during quarantine from the comfort of your home.

How can Now&Me Help you in Finding New Friends?

There are multiple websites through which you can find and connect with new people. One such platform where you can make new friends over shared interests is Now&Me. It is a great website where you can speak your mind out and initiate meaningful conversations with new people.

You can read what other people have to say and also answer their questions. Sounds cool, right? Well, this is really a great way to open up what you wish to say. These days it's quite common for people to feel depressed and lonely, but with Now&Me, you can talk to strangers and trust me, you'll feel that you've been in contact with them for ages.

You may even connect with strangers through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You may join a Facebook group that has people who have similar views. Similar is the case with Instagram and Twitter. There also, you can connect with anyone. You can like and comment on someone's posts and start messaging them to have meaningful friendships. A message like "Hey! Hope you're doing good. I've been observing your posts for a long time and I really appreciate your work." This might be the beginning of a genuine friendship!

Reconnect with your Old school/ College Friends

There are high chances that you are probably missing some of your friends from school or college.No matter how big your new friends” circle is but the joy of even thinking about your old friends is much more than meeting the new ones. Different studies have proved that when we reconnect with our old friends, there is a greater level of trust and understanding with them as compared to new friends.

The reason is quite obvious. We already have lots of shared memories to cherish and are already knowing each other, so that friendship is quite different. Losing our old friends is not because of some differences or quarrels but because we tend to be busy.

But worry not! This quarantine you can reconnect with all your old friends with whom you've lost touch. A sweet hello might cheer them up. Start by saying something like "Hey! It's been quite long since we had a conversation. How are you? What's up these days?". If they reciprocate the message back, then you may plan to meet up when this pandemic gets over!

Building Friendships through Mobile Apps

We all have been glued to our mobile phones during the quarantine. But did you know that there are so many apps that are specially designed for this quarantine to make you connect with people?

Yes, there are multiple apps which are available for removing the loneliness from your lives. QuarantineChat, by DialUp, is one such app. It allows users to talk to other users by randomly connecting them with each other. Sounds cool right! Another really popular app is Discord, which is a chatting app created for video gamers. Gamers are able to connect and play together. Nowadays, apart from gamers, there are other users too who communicate together.

There are plenty of other options too like Houseparty, where you can do video calls in a group, play different games like quizzes, pictionary, etc. This app has gained popularity during the quarantine because of its unique features.

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Finding Friends in your Workplace Companions

Since most of us are working from our homes, it's quite obvious to miss our workplace. You can try initiating a meaningful conversation with such people. A simple hello with an introduction might work wonders and you may get a new friend. Even for working professionals, it's the perfect time to make new friendships. Start talking to people who you think might respond and would reciprocate.

This quarantine, try developing friendship with your colleagues because there are high chances that they might also be interested in talking to you just because they see you daily. Plan a virtual meeting or maybe an informal phone call! It may go around like "Hi! We've been working together for quite a long time but never talked. I was thinking if you would like to talk on a personal level?"

Socialise with your Neighbours

There are so many of us who don't even know who our neighbours are! We might not even recognize them if we meet them in a market or outside. This is probably because of our busy schedule. But don't you think that this is the perfect time to start knowing them more and becoming friends with them?

You can join your neighbourhood clubs such as book club or sports club and create a group over social media. There are several hobby club groups on Facebook where people with similar hobbies join and connect with each other. You may find some of your neighbours and start conversing with any one of them.

Is this the right time for me to make new friends?

If you really wish to make new friends this quarantine, then you'd have to take the initiative first. Research suggests that when we take an initiative, there are more chances of making lifelong friendships and our social circle is also quite happy.

It may seem scary at first, but in reality, it's not. Who doesn't like to be approached for a friendship proposal? Almost everyone! And if we take the initiative, the other person would also like this. We do understand that quarantine is boring, but the idea is to keep yourself busy. And make sure to reach out!

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