How to Get Through Tough Times

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Piya Kaur Bajaj

01 February 2021

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How to Get Through Tough Times

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All across the globe, we have all been oscillating from what seems like one crisis to another. Sprinkle a bit of our own personal traumas on top of that.

All of this can take a heavy toll on our mood and health. But here are some ways to find those pockets of peace in your day to day life that can help you get by!

Nice Warm Shower

When days get long and tiring, sometimes all you need is a nice long shower! You can jazz it up with some candles, some light music. The feeling of freshness will help you look at things with a new perspective and feel motivated. Do this whenever you feel stressed or you just need a break!

Phone a Friend

As life goes on we forget so many of our friends. It is not that we do not like them or not care about them. But life happens, and we tend to lose touch with them. So, just pick up the phone and give them a call and see how they are doing. If you feel that those old friendships are broken or irreparable, remember it is never too late to mend bonds. The feeling of talking to an old friend and visiting those happy memories is unexplainable!

Take a Care Day

With crazy work schedules, we all need a day off to get that extra 4 hours of sleep, sit in our PJs and order pizza and watch a show. Or you could make it a skincare or mani-pedi day! Take that care day just to feel extra special!

Spend Time in Nature

Especially with everything moving online, it has become oh-so tiresome to get some break. Wake up early and spend time with nature, or go for a walk late in the evening depending upon how safe your neighbourhood is. Being around nature surrounds one with a sense of peace and has a magical effect on the mood.

Write a Journal

Writing is one of the most beautiful ways that you can express yourself and it can help make your thoughts feel organized. It is a cathartic experience as well. If you feel like sharing your thoughts with others, you can write about your feelings on Now&Me.

Device-Free Time

Corona time has been an online time and a break from the devices is much needed to rest the eyes and get some movement in.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Pep your mood up by putting on your favourite party mix and dance! Don't overthink this one!!

Finally, complete the sentence: On a gloomy day, when your shoulders feel too heavy or your heart aches, when you are full of self doubt write down “___________________ is what makes me me” , ” one thing no one can take from me is my ____________” , “The thing I like most about myself is______________”.

It is a journey, do not forget to take one step at a time and move ahead! Carry that belief in yourself!

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