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Sarvika Aggarwal

11 November 2023

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Everyone, at some point in their life, has been in a relationship that feels broken or is on the verge of breaking apart. It is quite common, but it can actually leave the person completely shattered.

So how can one fix their relationship when they know the relationship is worth it and wish to spend the rest of their life with that particular person?

Let’s see how to fix a broken relationship.

Signs of a Broken Relationship

If you wish to understand the signs of a broken relationship, they are as follows:

  1. Lack of communication
  2. Trust issues
  3. Withdrawal from the relationship
  4. Losing that spark
  5. Treating each other with disrespect
  6. Taking the relationship for granted
  7. Dishonesty
  8. Constant fights
  9. Betrayal
  10. Not spending quality time with each other

These are some of the signs that highlight a broken relationship; however, this doesn’t mean it cannot be corrected. If you are willing to work on your relationship again, you can do so.

Signs of a broken relationship

How to Fix A Broken Relationship

It can be quite difficult to fix a broken relationship when you have given it all and are on the verge of just breaking apart. However, if you and your partner really wish to fix your relationship and start from a clean slate, it can be done—all it needs is constant effort, patience, and showing up from both parties.

Let’s see how it can be done in different scenarios.

When There Has Been a Breach of Trust

A breach of trust in a relationship can be a hard thing to fix; however, if you address it maturely and appropriately, it can get your relationship back on track. Here are 5 tips on how to fix a relationship when there is a breach of trust:

1. Take full responsibility

When you know that you have done wrong and you wish to win back the trust of your partner, it is important to take full responsibility for your relationship and the way you show love and care to your partner. You cannot let it hang or think it will work automatically; you need to do the desired work to make it work.

2. Be radically honest

Make sure to foster an environment of transparency and honesty and share whatever you and your partner think is important for the relationship. Being radically honest with your partner increases trust and keeps the relationship smooth and easy-flowing.

3. Reassure and extend care towards your partner

If there has been a breach of trust, it is important that you reassure your partner and extend care and empathy towards them. They might doubt the relationship or themselves while trying to rebuild it, so it is your responsibility to make them feel safe and sound.

4. Act; do not just say it

Rebuilding trust doesn’t work by making promises or feeding them with positive affirmations. It is important that you act on it and make them feel their best by doing acts of service, showering them with love, and making it into a healthy and committed relationship.

5. Seek professional help

If you and your partner wish to reconcile but are not able to understand how to start with it, you can always consult a relationship therapist and learn how to navigate through your relationship difficulties in a healthier manner.

when there has been a breach of trust

When You Are in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships can be a huge pain and managing your relationship in a healthy manner by being far from each other can get tiring and frustrating. So here are 5 tips on how to fix my relationship:

1. Manage your expectations

When it comes to a long distance relationship, it can be difficult to fulfill all expectations of your partner, so it is important to keep them to a minimum and understand that it can be hard to keep everything on par when you both live miles apart.

2. Plan your visits

It is important to show your love to your partner, so always decide to meet every few months so the spark and the chemistry are on the same page and you both get to spend time with each other every 3-4 months.

3. Set time to talk everyday

Although it can be difficult to talk every day when you have other things to look into, it is extremely important to communicate and talk at least for a few minutes so you know what is going on with them and just check in to see how everything is with them.

4. Make time for other things

While your relationship is an important part of life, it is also important that you give time to other things that matter to you, like your job, hobbies, interests, and other relationships. Your relationship is not your whole life and although you miss your partner and hanging out with them, you should realize the importance of other people and things as well.

5. Surprise them

It is important to keep the element of surprise in every relationship alive. Whether you have been dating for a few months or a few years, surprise your partner and make them feel the happiest while being far from them.

When you are in a long distance relationship

When You Live Together

Living together can also make a relationship seem distant when there is no communication or apparent effort from either party. However, it can be rectified if you follow these 5 tips:

1. Learn their love language

It is important to communicate with each other in your partner’s love language rather than showering them with your own. Often couples make mistakes here and the relationship goes south, so pour them with the love language they desire and let them in about your needs and wants.

2. Be each other’s best friend

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you are each other’s partners all the time; it is about being their best friend and enjoying the joys and lows of life together. Often, we put too many expectations on that one person because they are our partner; however, it is like every other relationship so keeping that love alive by maintaining that equilibrium is extremely important.

3. Spend time with friends

You have a life outside of your relationship; do not forget about it just because you are in a relationship. Spend time with your friends, go out, and have a girls night or boys night. It is important to keep a balance so that you have people outside of your relationship whom you look up to.

4. Plan a regular check in

It is extremely important to check in with your partner every once in a while about your relationship, their mental health or expectations, future goals, and your expectations. These conversations keep the relationship easy-going and smoother.

5. It is more than romance

Relationships are not just a factor of romance and intimacy. It is more than that; it is about going through the struggles together, committing to that one person every day, showing up every day, and making it work not because you have to but because you want to.

When you live together

When You Have a Big Fight

It is quite common to have a big fight with your partner; however, when it becomes recurrent and drives your relationship to break apart, it is a cause for concern. How to fix a relationship? Here are five tips for it.

1. Practice active listening

It is important that when your partner is communicating with you, you listen to them actively. If you simply have fun with them or cut them off, they will not feel heard and might not tell you things in the future.

2. Use “I” statements

Whenever you are communicating with your partner or are stating a point to them, it is better to use “I” statements instead of “you” statements, as the former feels more empathetic than the latter.

3. Be empathetic

When you are communicating, having a discussion, or even having a disagreement, it is important to be empathetic and not disrespect your partner amidst that. Fights and disagreements are temporary, so it is extremely important to keep your cool and state your feelings with respect.

4. Practice constructive communication

While communication is important, it is also important to communicate with a proper tone and voice. It is not only talking and telling how you feel to your partner; it is also important to check your tone, non-verbal cues, and voice to all be in one place.

5. Be conscious

It is a human tendency to say things you do not mean when you are in a big fight with your partner; however, it is important to be conscious and not lose your cool. Think before you speak and have a mature conversation rather than blame each other for everything.

When you have a big fight

Can a Broken Relationship Work Again?

This is very subjective and depends on the relationship, the two partners, and how willing they are to make the relationship work again. Usually, people opt for couples therapy to better understand their dynamics with their partner and work on the things hindering their relationship.

If you feel you are at rock bottom with your partner and wish to climb the stairs again, you can consult a relationship counselor and understand how to make your relationship better again with proper techniques and strategies.

It is hard to say if a broken relationship can work again or not, as it depends on a lot of factors but if you and your partner wish to make it work despite everything you have been through, it sure can work out.

Can a broken relationship work again

When to Walk Away From a Broken Relationship

There can be many reasons to walk away from a broken relationship but it depends on you and your ethics as to what you wish to do. However, if you do not understand when to walk away, here are some scenarios that are a big no:

  1. Any kind of abuse
  2. There is lack of trust
  3. No commitment
  4. It is one sided
  5. It is incompatible
  6. You don’t feel comfortable
  7. You don’t feel safe
  8. The relationship is toxic
  9. You do not see any future with them
  10. You take on the responsibility of everything

When to walk away from a broken relationship

When to Seek Relationship Counseling

You should seek relationship counseling when you and your partner are at a crossroads and you both are not able to tackle the situation in a healthy and effective manner. Handling the situation on your own at this stage can leave the relationship feeling uncertain and difficult. Moreover, it might get difficult to understand the intricacies of the relationship when you are the one going through it.

So it is better to take couples therapy when the situation is so fragile. You can try out experts from Now&Me and understand what type of expert or therapist suits you best for how to fix a relationship you cherish and wish to be in.

When to seek relationship counseling

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