How to Find a Therapist: 10 Tips

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Sarvika Aggarwal

10 January 2024

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Finding the right therapist is like finding the right partner. For finding the right therapist, the rules are different than for finding a physical doctor. Along with having the right qualifications, it is important that you feel like the therapist is the right fit for you intuitively.

To find the right therapist, there is a lot of exploration that needs to be done, as you won't find your perfect match instantly. Just like you explore various partners before settling for one, this process works in the same way.

However, there are some essential things to know before settling on a therapist. The right qualifications, attitude, and skills are required for you to know before you decide to invest in a therapist. Let’s see how to find a good therapist.

10 Tips to Find the Right Therapist

How to find the right therapist who seems like the perfect fit for you? Make sure to follow these ten tips written below on how to find a therapist.

1. Specify what you are looking for

Before deciding on a therapist, it is important to determine why you need therapy. There can be various reasons to seek therapy, but it is important that you narrow down your needs and see if you are looking for a counseling psychologist, clinical psychologist, or behavioral therapist. If you have no knowledge about which therapist you should go to, you can ask your friends or any therapist to refer you to someone who would be able to help you with your needs.

2. Set a budget

Before finding yourself a therapist, it is better if you set a budget for yourself, as the therapist’s fees range from INR 500 to 2500 and can even go beyond that. So it is best to determine in what range you wish to get a therapist and find yourself the right one.

3. Ask your friends

Talking to your friend about whom to consult for therapy will help you a lot, as they will provide you with the best, help you understand your needs, and give you the required therapist’s contact details.

4. Search online

In today’s world, the internet can help you with everything. So if you are looking for a particular therapist in a particular domain, all you have to do is search it online, and you will find what you are looking for. However, the internet is also known for its scams, so while you are searching for a therapist, make sure to do proper research and background checks.

5. Look at their qualifications

The most important thing people usually forget to ask about or look for is the qualifications of their therapist. While therapy is important, you should also be aware of the qualifications of your therapist. You can either do a background check on them or ask them directly; there is no harm in knowing who you are trusting with your mental health.

If you are not able to find the right therapist for yourself and have tried too many therapists in the past, talk to a counselor to simply understand what you require in a therapist to match with you for free.

6. Figure out their values and attitude

If you wish to be sure about your therapist, you will have to do a little bit of exploring. You can see if their values, morals, and attitudes are something that you are comfortable with or not. At the end of the day, therapists are humans too; they are entitled to their own opinions and judgments. If something makes you uncomfortable, it is better to look for another therapist.

7. Ask questions

If you are not feeling confident about therapy or your therapist, ask them questions. Whatever it is that makes you doubt or question therapy, you can ask your therapist or the organization that provides therapy without any shame or embarrassment. It is better to ask questions beforehand than regret your decision to go to therapy later.

8. List down your therapy goals

When you take therapy, list down the therapy goals with your therapist and see if the help and guidance they are providing is something that you were looking for. If you feel the technique they are using isn’t working out for you, you can talk to them about it, or you can ask them to help you find another therapist. Do not shy away from saying this, as the therapist understands that it is not about them or their approach. Therefore, it is better to communicate your needs to them honestly and without any fear.

9. You will have to try a few therapists

Before getting one, you will have to explore the market for therapists. It is very rare to find the right therapist in one sitting. You will have to be open and understand that every therapist is different and that everyone won’t suit your needs or requirements, and there is nothing bad in that. Accepting this and moving forward will help you find the right therapist.

10. Try online therapy

If you feel that exploring therapists is time-consuming and hard on your mental health. You can try online therapy, as it is feasible, not that time-consuming and easily accessible.

For some people, online therapy works amazingly, and they are able to find the right therapist. If you feel that offline therapy is costing you a lot, both financially and mentally, try online therapy and get yourself the right therapist.

What if it's Not a Good Match?

If you and your therapist are not a good match, it is alright. You can talk to your therapist about your thoughts and feelings so that they can help you find the right therapist. Try not to ghost them or run away from it, as this is completely normal; instead, talk to them so you are able to navigate these feelings in a proper manner and understand how to find the right therapist with the help of your current therapist.

What to Avoid

Now that you know how to find the right therapist, there are things that you should also avoid when looking for one. They are as follows.

1. Avoid therapists that specialize in everything

When you are seeking therapy, it is important to ask for help from a therapist who specializes in certain fields so you know what they know and what they don’t. Therapists who specialize in everything won’t be as good as someone who has a specialization in a certain niche.

It is like the famous saying, a jack of all trades is a master of none.

2. Therapists who “advise” you

It is important to remember that a therapist can never advise you. They have the right to help you, guide you, and navigate you through your difficulties. But if you do something that doesn’t align with their values, they have no right to advise you. They have to keep an unbiased opinion and guide you according to your personality.

3. Therapists with no boundaries

A therapist is a professional, and they should maintain a professional and therapeutic relationship with you. Although they help you find comfort and peace, it is important to keep boundaries as this is a strictly professional relationship. If your therapist tries to invade your space, tries to befriend you, and asks you to meet in public, it is better to leave that therapist and find a new one, as there are some ethics and principles that need to be followed in order to maintain the professionalism of this profession.

4. Therapists who say they can “cure” you

Therapy is not a quick fix, and your therapist cannot certainly cure you. They can help you find your answers on your own by providing a safe and comforting environment.

If your therapist says that they can cure you, that is an incorrect and offensive thing to say, as that can make the client feel like they are disturbed and not in good spirits.

If your therapist says this, it is better to leave them and find yourself a better and healthier therapist.

5. You don’t get good vibes

Your intuition knows who is right for you and who is not. If you get the vibe that someone is not good for you and can harm you unnecessarily, listen to your intuition and make the right decision by not going against it.

How can Now&Me Help you Find the Right Therapist?

Our platform, Now&Me, is a safe place that helps you find whatever you are looking for. It helps you engage with the right people and get access to the right kinds of resources. Sign up on the Now&Me app and explore your options on how to find a therapist without spending too much money.

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It can be hard to try different therapists time and again when you have had bad experiences in the past. Talk to a counselor to simply understand what you are looking for in a therapist to make your work simple for free.

Online Resouces

Here are some online resources that can give you instant help and service –

  • Vandrevala Foundation (Available 24x7): +91 9999 666 555
  • iCall (Available Mon-Sat 10am-8pm): +91 91529 87821
  • Sneha (Available 24x7): +91 91675 35765/98330 52684


To find the right therapist, you need to examine your needs and your budget and specifically find a therapist who matches your needs and has the right qualifications for them. To find the right therapist, you have to explore the market a little bit before you can find the right one.

Along with an undergraduate degree, psychologists also have advanced degrees like PsyD or PhD, while therapists only have a master's degree. In simple terms, all psychologists can be called therapists; however, not all therapists are psychologists.

Yes, it is completely normal to seek therapy and understand yourself with the help of a professional therapist.

Therapy costs vary from psychologist to psychologist. However, it usually starts at Rs. 500 and ranges to Rs. 2000. At Now&Me, you can chat with an expert for as little as Rs. 30 or as much as Rs. 900.

Yes, definitely. Reviews act as a reflection of how the therapist does their job, so it is a good way to find a therapist for yourself.

You can ask the therapist about their qualifications and experience. However, if this doesn’t give you enough information, you can look them up on social media or Google or ask people about them to clarify everything.

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