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Sarvika Aggarwal

30 November 2023

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There has been a boom in the area of free online counseling services provided by well-built platforms and government sectors. However, not all free online counseling services are up to par and can hinder your mental health in the name of helping you feel better.

So it is important to educate yourself and only go for those free counselling online services that are actually worth it. So, before that, let’s get into the basics of free counseling services and when to opt for them.

What is Free Online Counseling and Therapy?

Free online counseling and therapy services aim to provide such services that are free and create an environment of unconditional positive regard for individuals wishing to seek mental health guidance. Online counseling is done via electronic means, which include text, audio, or video calls, and helps the individual feel better by sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Online counseling services are more feasible and affordable than traditional counseling, as they can be taken by sitting at home and spare you the convenience charges required to reach the office of the therapist. Moreover, online counselling free services provide you with the same ethics and principles, which include maintaining the confidentiality of the client and providing them with an environment of absolute comfort and love.

Here at Now&Me, we offer you the best services and that comes with getting your first web chat for free, so you can see for yourself if the expert you have selected is right for you or not. And if it all works out, you can then book your further sessions with that particular expert whenever you wish to.

Is Free Online Counseling Worth It?

Free counselling online can be worth it if you are taking it from a trusted platform and have heard good reviews about the particular company or platform. It is important that you do your research and then seek therapy from a renown expert.

With Now&Me services, we give you the first web chat for free so that you can check if our services and experts align with the type of therapist or service you are looking for and then accordingly, you can make an informed decision if you wish to continue therapy with that particular expert or not.

So, it is important to look at the whole picture and then make a decision for yourself and your mental health. However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t compromise your mental health just because you are getting free services. Trust your intuition and make a decision that works for you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Paid Counseling Services and Not Free Counseling Services

Even though not all free counseling services are to be questioned, it is important to choose the right free counseling services for yourself. However, if you are not able to find one, it is best to go for paid counseling services. Let’s see why.

  1. You should opt for paid counseling services, as people can sell anything in name of giving free counselling online services, which can hinder your mental health even more. So it is better to not take a risk and go with someone whom you trust and who is asking for slightly more fees.

  2. There have been cases where free online counselling services from not such trustworthy platforms have catfished people and worsened their mental health. This case cannot be rectified and can leave the person feeling bad about themselves, so it is better to go for paid counseling services.

  3. You might not feel any accountability for your mental health when you opt for free counselling online services, as you are not paying for the services and might take whatever the therapist is saying very lightly.

  4. The free counseling service can be a fake mental health service, which can hinder your mental health even more. So it is better to thoroughly check the online platform and then go ahead with booking the session.

  5. There is a possibility that if the therapist who is giving you free guidance is not taking any charges, they might not care for your well-being and just blindly tell you to do things.

5 reasons why you should opt for paid counseling services

How Therapy Session at Now&Me Works

A therapy session at Now&Me is quite easy to take. Here are the steps for a smooth understanding:

  1. You can first claim your free web chat.
  2. If you like the expert, you can book a session with them.
  3. Initiate a text or call with the expert of your choice at a price as low as Rs. 3/min after claiming your first free web chat.
  4. Share your thoughts and feelings with the expert and feel better.

If you are not able to understand which expert to choose for your needs, you can contact us, and we will help you choose the right expert right away.

How therapy session at NowandMe works


Free counselling online is when you get access to therapy while sitting at home via text, audio, or video, and that too for free.

Free online counseling is done via electronic means such as text messaging, audio, or video calling.

This depends on the platform. A lot of platforms offer good online counselling free services, but a lot of them are not worth trusting.

If it is a good platform, people who cannot afford therapy or are students who are not earning can largely benefit from online therapy free.

This again depends on the platform. Although counseling as a field is confidential, whether it is paid or free, one should only opt for services that are confidential and secure.

You can talk to people who use free therapy online India, or you can even do a quick search on Google to see which platforms rank highly for free counseling services.

You can transition to a paid therapy session by asking your current therapist if they are willing to provide their services for a fee, or you can find a new expert that fits your needs and start your healing journey with them.

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