How My Feelings and Emotions Fueled Creativity in Me

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17 June 2020

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How My Feelings and Emotions Fueled Creativity in Me

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What is mental health? Is it actually a real problem? How to deal with emotional issues?

These are just some of the many questions which we are never taught about in school and more often than not, our families and friends also fail to address the same. Growing up, we were always told about being fit but that only pertained to being physically fit and not mentally, as the latter was not even considered to be a part of our health until recently. Especially, in a country like India, it is extremely important that people further the discourse and help improve the knowledge regarding the same.

I genuinely believe in this cause and want to do whatever I can in my capacity to help push it further unless and until it becomes normalized and people aren’t deemed ‘mad or crazy’ for feeling this bevy of emotions which sometimes may get out of control causing different sorts of reactions varying from person to person.

I feel it is important to let the people facing mental health issues know that there are others like them who might be facing the same situations and might be trying to seek help. And that expressing their emotions, if they wish to, in a suitable manner, is extremely normal and perfect.

How do I channel my feelings and emotions?

My song 'Mentality' is one such effort. This song is my journey over the last five years and the mental state that I have been in. Generally, I am a jovial character and believe in making everyone laugh. But, that is just one side of me and the other side is one where I have a tendency to overthink things and situations, feel insecure for a number of reasons, etc.

Being a privileged man from an urban city, it is always assumed that I have a perfect life and I don’t have to work hard enough to achieve or obtain anything which I want or desire.

Unfortunately, this is not true and further puts an extra burden on me where I become so hard on myself to not let down those who have expectations from me and to prove those wrong who believe I am worthy of nothing.

Such assumptions and behavior of others towards myself did lead me to think about certain other questions about myself which I never had to ponder about earlier.

Would I ever fit in? Was I ever going to be good enough? What could I do to prove people wrong?

These thoughts made me go to a rut and I also joined a rat race of doing things which others were doing just because it was socially acceptable by a certain set of people who actually didn’t get me. I allowed and sometimes still allow my life to be dictated by things and persons who actually don’t mean much to me but might be ‘cool’ or the ones to follow if I wanted that social acceptance.

Over these years I have seen so many people go through what I have been going through and it is no shock that a sizeable amount of such people included men. But, a majority of them never talked about it or were just scared to do so as we as a collective failure to create a safe environment for the same.

Hence, in the song, I talk about all my emotions and vulnerabilities which was a tough thing to do. I also talk about the fact that whatever happens I will not stop or be bogged down, I will grow and become stronger because I know things will get fine as I have faith in myself and count my blessings to have some true friends and a great family.

In the end I realised that we are all in this together

A beautiful thing about the video of the song for which I am extremely stoked is the aspect of people's participation. I did make an open call via social media and contacted people to ask them to be a part of the video to support the cause if they believed in the same. I got a lot of love in that regard and people were more than happy to participate in the same.

This just goes onto show that there are so many who are out there and can empathize if not sympathize, with those who face issues pertaining to mental health. This element of participation brought a smile to my face and gave me a lot of confidence. I am sure it will do the same for the viewers too. At the end of the day, we have to stand by one another. This is the only way to move forward to bigger and better things. With the things that have happened and continue to happen in our surroundings, the need for unity and support of one another has never been more.

I hope you guys have a listen to this song, watch the video, see myself as a metaphor for others facing such issues and help bring about a much-needed change.

Let’s talk about it, share the burden of others, and conquer the world with a smile.

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