Effectively Managing Your Anxiety

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Namrata Roy

09 August 2023

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Anxiety is something most people are familiar with. Whether it be feeling anxious before big decisions or having a diagnosed anxiety disorder, anxiety can often get out of control and feel debilitating. Understanding the causes of your anxiety and how to manage it can make a vast difference in your daily life. While it seems like a big undertaking, starting with small techniques and working your way up to things is an excellent way to start inculcating the habit of managing your anxiety without medication.

There are many ways to manage your anxiety. Finding what fits right for you can be difficult, but don’t worry; we are here to help.

Can you manage anxiety?

YES! Although, at the moment, it may seem like the world is coming to an end, anxiety and its various forms can be managed through simple therapeutic techniques. Focusing on lowering your heart rate through deep breathing and staying in the present moment are two of the best ways to manage your anxiety. Finding things to distract yourself with is also highly recommended, as it takes you away from your train of thought and leads you in a different direction. Understanding what is happening to your body is also a great way to regain your lost control. Labelling your situation and verbalizing it is a proven technique that helps people get through panic attacks. Another way to regain control is to fact-check the little voice in your head. When you overthink, bringing your thoughts back to your known reality is very important. When you have thoughts of “I can’t do it” or “I will fail,” it is important to remind yourself of reality. Tell yourself the facts such as “I am prepared.”

These are some of the easy beginner techniques to manage anxiety and anxious thoughts, but our favourite one so far is the 3 3 3 method.

what happens to your body when you get anxious

What is the 3 3 3 method?

To explain it simply, this method is a combination of some of the techniques mentioned above. The idea behind it is the same, distraction and grounding. This method focuses on grounding your mind in the physical reality around you as well as simultaneously distracting your mind from overthinking and anxious thoughts. This method puts great emphasis on mindfulness and understanding your emotions.

How to practice the 3 3 3 method?

The 3 3 3 method is a very simple method that focuses on 3 out of the 5 senses that we have.

  1. The First step is to involve your sense of sight. Looking around the room and naming three things you can see is a common way to do this step. You can also deepen this first step by focusing on the minor details of the things you can see. For example, if you see a jacket in front of you, you can start by describing the fabric, the style, how many buttons, etc. Doing this will help you draw your focus away from the anxious thoughts and towards your surroundings.
  2. The Second step involves your sense of hearing. Identify three sounds you can hear, and locate where they’re coming from; try to uncover the pitch and cadence of what you’re hearing. You can add more depth to this step by walking toward the source of the sound. You can also combine the first and second steps by looking at a thing and making a note of what sound it makes.
  3. The Third step involves your sense of touch. For this step, you have to make use of a body part by doing conscious and active movements like wiggling your toes, tapping your fingers, etc. To take this step further, try actively engaging in a motion, i.e. tapping your fingers to a specific rhythm. You can also add this to your combination of the first and second steps by going up and touching and physically interacting with the thing you are focusing on.

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Does the 3 3 3 method work?

The 3 3 3 method works by grounding you in the present, distracting your mind from the panic, redirecting your brain away from overwhelming thoughts, and it helps you get away from negative emotions. Although it depends from person to person, the 3 3 3 method is proven to work for a majority of people. This method combines the concepts of different grounding techniques and is easy to put into practice. Although it may be difficult, with practice, patience, and some kindness, you can also get better at grounding yourself in the midst of a panic or anxiety attack, as well as get better at managing your anxiety without the help of any medications.

Deal with your anxiety on Now&Me

While dealing with anxiety can be a long and arduous journey, one of the few things that make the experience a little bit less of a struggle is having a support system. Support systems are crucial when dealing with any mental illness or difficulty. Unfortunately, the sad reality of our world is the fact that not everyone can find a support system to help them get through the tough times. Therapy can get expensive, and while your peer group and family should be your support system, sometimes they are the cause of the difficulties you face in life. To help bridge the gap, Now&Me has dedicated communities that offer support, advice, and lend an ear when you are having a hard time. You can also be anonymous and still feel a part of a support system without the fear of judgment. They are also making it easier for people to find professional support with Therapy&Me, which makes it easier for people to look for a Mental Health Professional. They have streamlined the process and provide you with everything you could possibly require in terms of the therapists’ area of expertise, level of experience, etc., as well as take into account what you are looking for in terms of budgeting, availability, etc.

Things may seem difficult, but they do get better. It is important to take care of yourself to the best of your ability and to remember that help is always available.

How can Now&Me help you?

Our platform, Now&Me, is a safe place that makes you feel light by writing out whatever is weighing you down. It can help you engage with others and make you look at things from a different perspective while helping you practise gratitude, which further pushes you to love yourself. Become a part of the larger community and understand yourself differently by seeking counseling for anxiety.

When you do not know how to tackle your anxiety, sign up on Now&Me and seek online therapy for anxiety. Be a part of a non-judgmental, inclusive, and friendly community. You can interact with like-minded people or seek guidance from our anxiety therapists or rekindle your relationship with the help of relationship counseling.

Invest in your mental health and download Now&Me for free!

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