7 Happy Little Things to do to Battle Coronavirus Quarantine Depression

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06 April 2020

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7 Happy Little Things to do to Battle Coronavirus Quarantine Depression

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Don't let the #QuarantineLife take over your mental health!

Ever since the world went down on self-quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak, multiple people have come forward and shared their stories about how doing so has triggered feelings and thoughts similar to that of a depressive episode.

"I've spent the last three years building a schedule and safeguards to prevent all-day-in-bed depression, where I don’t just lose days, but months of my life. Quarantine is necessary. And it’s also absolutely devastating. Good luck to everyone struggling with the mental health fallout!” said Twitter user @whatmaddness.

There are many different people who are coming forward on social media with the same observation, how they’ve spent so much time devising a foolproof routine to avoid self-isolation driven depression that is now expected to hit them at any point.

One user also pointed out how this will be very hard for them since they mainly used social interactions and events to stay afloat in their own heads when it came to their depression and anxiety.

So the question that arises is that apart from Working From Home, what can we do in order to feel more productive and battle our depression while living the #QuarantineLife?

The answer is to tap in your own happy little things and make yourself feel better at home. Here are some of the things that you can do alongside:

1. Do Household Chores

Doing multiple productive activities apart from your work can largely help in distracting us from the intrusive thoughts and feelings that arise during periods of self-isolation and quarantine.

Folding the laundry, watering your garden, cooking, and keeping the area around you free of any unnecessary clutter can make you feel like you've done more work, both quantitative and qualitative in nature.

Added bonus if you have your pet to accompany you!

2. Take a Little Walk

Even if you take a little walk all over your house, or just on the street right outside it, make sure that you do indulge in a brisk little exercise because it keeps your blood circulation healthily pumping all over your body. People who sit in one place for long periods of time can also experience muscle cramps and nerve numbness, which is not good for your body at all.

So not only are walks good for your mental health, but they are also necessary to keep your physical health pristine.

3. Play Feel Good Songs

Whip your favorite playlist out and blast some tunes all over the house, like a party for one!

This will help in taking you back to a time in your head when things maybe weren’t so bad.

It’ll just be like a little reminder to your own self, that even through all the bad times, you’ve made it out and you will make it our again!

4. Reconnect

We often end up losing touch with the people in our lives, be it, friends or family, simply because the tediousness of life tends to come in the way.

When, if not now, can we find a better time to reconnect with all those people, especially when all we have right now is the privilege of being left to our own devices?

Make full use of the internet!

5. Talk About It

This pandemic is something that all of us as a society are going through with, together and collectively.

The best way to deal with the anxiety it brings is to just talk it out, even if we do it with strangers on the internet. You may never know when and where you might find solidarity.

6. Light Some Scented Candles

Having relaxing aromas around you like Lavender and Saffron is a great way to unwind your day and take the stress off your head.

It will not completely fix your problems, but it will help in lifting your mood!

You can also run yourself a nice, warm bath along with it.

7. Reach Out to Professionals

There is absolutely no shame in reaching out to therapists for professional help and support if you direly require it.

As a society and as humanity, in a nutshell, we need it now more than ever before.

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